DS Staff Picks – GellmanB’s Top 10 Punk Albums of 2016

Hello, my name is Brian and I’m new to the DS team. I’ve been helping out here since July, and it’s been great. Although I am happy for this year to come to an end, it has been quite an interesting year for music, myself, and my friends. The picture above captures my boy Hunter and me scarfing on some legit NY pie this summer. Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about MY top 10 punk records of the year. There were so many wonderful EPs this year, that I had to split up my list to cover what were some of my favorite, and most anticipated releases of the year.

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5. PEARS – “Green Star”

When I listen to this band, I can only imagine that they navigated their way through a similar punk rock upbringing. This album is all over the place, but rips from start to finish. It’s really exciting to see PEARS continue to gain momentum as they move their way up the ranks.






4. Mean Jeans – “Tight New Dimension”

I really want to have a 4 Coors meal with these guys.  They’re an extremely tight band. These songs are catchy as all hell. The lyrics are great. Ramones style all the way.







3. PUP – “The Dream Is Over”

PUP had to grow on me. It was hard for me to appreciate them at first, but after listening to their debut album a few times, I was hooked. Smokin’ guitar work, powerfully delivered vocals, and some truly amazing music videos were definite selling points. All of these elements were reworked for their second effort. I feel like this follow up album delivers a bit more variety than it’s predecessor, but it’s still one very cohesive slug-fest of a record.





2. Descendents – “Hypercaffium Spazzinate”

Like so many others, I’m just a sucker for all things Descendents. This was one of the albums I was most excited about this year, and I listened to it on repeat for weeks. It did not disappoint.







1. Culture Abuse – “Peach”

This album caught me by surprise. Living in Santa Rosa, I had seen Culture Abuse preform blocks away from my house, and even had a 7″ stashed away in my collection. With that being said, they were barely on my radar. Once I heard Peach on a camping trip, it took control. It was definitely the soundtrack of the summer amongst my group of friends. It sounds like a Nirvana 45 played at 33.3.





5. Clowns – “Destroy The Evidence”

This is one of the best bands I discovered while doing Dying Scene shifts. Clowns really shook up my Monday morning the first time I heard this. I think I had to put down my coffee cup and take a couple deep breaths. This release is only a single, but it absolutely rips. Technical thrash punk with some nice vocal melodies. This 7″ includes a live track as a B side.






4. toyGuitar – “Move Like a Ghost”

I have been satisfied with toyGuitar’s entire catalog thus far. This EP really gets your toes tappin’ and sounds a bit more cohesive than their previous releases. toyGuitar is carving out a place in the Fat family for a different breed. Rock and Roll baby.







3. Tony Molina – “Confront The Truth”

A mellower side to the hardcore kid turned pop star. Instead of Weezer meets Thin Lizzy, this EP reminds me of The Beatles, Derek and the Dominos, and The Allman Brothers. Although Molina has always incorporated some classical and acoustic guitar into his solo work, they’re front and center on this release.






2. G.L.O.S.S. – “Trans Day of Revenge”

This band was really in the spotlight this year. They were constantly in my news feed, and I’m a little embarrassed to admit, I didn’t get around to listening to this EP until after the band’s break up. Already intrigued by their message and ever growing fan base, I was blown away by this record. It is absolutely brutal and beautiful.






1. Sheer Mag – “III”

Sheer Mag’s 3 releases are nearly perfect. The production value on this EP is a bit more polished than the previous two records, but it still rings very true to their original sound. 70s rock-and-roll spirit, fused with punk rock grit. It reminds me of Pork Magazine in musical form. This is probably my favorite release of the year.


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