DS Staff Picks- Gunnar’s Top Ten of 2017

Hey all you punks, here are my top ten albums from this past year. I’m new on the block here at Dying Scene and I’m sure this list is going to make you flustered, and wonder where [insert band name here] is on my list. Regardless, here is some great music that helped me through some tough transitions out of college, the loss of a close friend, and into my new life: you can find it below.

The honorable hometown mention: El Grande 

This lovely band from where I live in Maine, El Grande, put out the single you see here. I’m hoping it means that they’ll put an album out soon, because they are pretty great. Saw them live a while back for the first time with Behind Deadlines, and boy did they tear it up on stage! Not your typical ska punk either, it’s such a cool sound and I ska fans should give them a listen.


10. Beans On Toast– Cushty

This album isn’t exactly the punkest of all time. I’m really drawn to great folk-punk music, and this album blew me away.  The heavily political overtones are really what hammer home the punk rock ethos.  “Major  Oak” is possibly my favorite song on the album, but the whole thing is a ripper and I highly recommend it.

9. The Menzingers -After The Party  

Before I start, anyone who scoffs at Pop-Punk is missing out. This album is fantastic, it opens a window to the lives of punks exiting their 20’s. This album also helped/helps me while I grieve losing one of my closest friends (The Menzingers were his favorite band). You can really see the progression of the band through this album as well, which is always a plus. Bands who produce the same sound for six albums tend to get stale.

8. Anti-Flag – American Fall

Well, if there could be one thing useful about a Trump presidency, it’s that we should have  a lot of good punk rock to come out. This album, as with most that Anti-Flag puts out, is a highly politically charged album. I’ll be honest, “American Spring” didn’t do it for me so when this came out i was hesitant: then they reminded me why they’re one of the most respected bands in punk rock.

 7. Hot Water Music- Light It Up

This album by Hot Water Music really speaks for itself. This album made me want to move, as it pumped through my speakers. I picture many a road trips having this album as their soundtrack. Hoping to see the band continue with this success, and Chris Wollard get healthy soon. They deserve all the love they got for this album and then some.

6. Nothington- In the End

Nothington, much in the same vein of music as Hot Water Music, put out a banger of an album. This album kicks ass, and doesn’t particularly care how you feel about it. It’s “Already There” (I’m not sorry, I love word play) in terms of a classic punk rock album, and one I highly recommending when showing new people to the genre. Great album, Great band.

5. Iron Chic- You Can’t Stay Here

You may be starting a pattern to the style of music I love to listen to. I promise I do enjoy more than one style of punk rock, but like those before it, this album is just so fuckin good! There was a couple lines from “My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist) that really just struck a cord in particular with where i am at in life. The album might just be Iron Chic’s best.

4. Authority Zero- Broadcasting To the Nations

Authority Zero isn’t a band I’ve known for a long time. I stumbled onto them and had one those “how did I not know about these guys!?” moments. This album, with its fast paced, hard hitting beats makes for a great listen. Particularly enjoy this album when I’m running, it’s a nice thrashy skate-punk album and is great for motivation while sweating through a workout.

3. Direct Hit!/ PEARS- Human Movement

This almost feels like cheating, putting a split on a top ten list. This is also the point where picking the order gets tougher, as I have a love for Direct Hit! that rivals my love of punk itself. The album is loud, in your face, and really angry sounding. I love it, but I’m not sure you would show it when trying to introduce your non punk friends to what it is that you listen to.

2. Less Than Jake- Sound The Alarm

Alright, so the only reason this album didn’t beat out the album below, is it just wasn’t long enough damn it! This album knocked me off my feet, then promptly stopped playing because the album was done.  I’ve always been a fan of Less Than Jake, and they put out a truly kick ass album. “Bomb Drop” is my favorite off the album. Hoping to see more Ska-Punk come out that rocks horn sections: I always love the effort and energy you see and hear, either live or on record, with a horn section.

  1.The Flatliners- Inviting Light

So Before all of you get upset, this was hands-down the best record of the year. The Flatliners never disappoint me, and I’ve only know about them for about a year or two: I’m usually late to the party, but I know how to appreciate great music. The first record I had heard by these guys was “Cavalcade”, then I listened to “Dead Language (still my favorite of their catalog)” so I’m well aware this wasn’t like their old albums. One of the best things about music is the ability of musicians to grow, and produce what they’re feeling: to see the progression of this band is phenomenal. “Hang My Head” is quite possibly my favorite song from this past year, and why they earned the top spot on my list.

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