DS Staff Picks – Hopeless Romantic’s Top 10 Albums of 2015 (Meredith)

2015 was one of the best years of my life, both personally and professionally. Throughout all of the excitement, including marrying the love of my life (my name is Hopeless Romantic, after all!), there were a number of albums that composed the soundtrack of my year. My newly adopted method of keeping a running list of great albums made writing this article easier in terms of remembering what came out, but not in terms of narrowing down my selections. A handful of albums just missed the cut, but I truly feel like the following 10 albums (and 1 EP) help make 2015 even more memorable. Check out my picks below!

Honorable Mention: Best EP of the Year


The All Brights – …Are Wild For The Night



I’m actually surprised this EP hasn’t gotten more attention. Featuring Dave Hause and Sean Sellers, this fun and sarcastic take on west coast surfer punk is somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. As someone who grew up listening to SoCal bands (and then moved to LA 9 years ago), these songs evoke nostalgia while still being tongue in cheek enough to be in on the joke. Pick it up from Red Scare here.


#10: Frank Turner – Positive Songs for Negative People


Frank can do no wrong in my book, and while this album is not my favorite FT masterpiece, it is still a solid record. I enjoyed it over the first couple of listens, but seeing him perform the songs live really brought the new album to life and made it squeak into this number 10 spot ahead of Break Anchor. Frank’s albums are meant to be a giant sing along among friends. Give it a listen here.


#9: Sketchy –I Wanted This To Go Different


I discovered this band through another DS writer and was immediately hooked on the song “Rye Whiskey.” This band has lots of energy and rips through their album in 28 minutes. It’s a great listen. Check it out here.


#8: Good Riddance – Peace In Our Time


I almost forgot this album came out this year! It had been years since GR put out a new album and this one did not disappoint. This record is powerful and melodic with lyrics as politically relevant as always. Head over here to give it a listen.


#7: Versus the World – Homesick/Roadsick


My husband told me to listen to this album every day until I finally sat down and played it top to bottom. This record is so much fun and seeing them rip through it live only confirmed what he had been telling me – this is one of the best records of 2015. You can listen right here.


#6: Canker Blossom – That’s So Killer


This album was a discovery during one of my shifts here at DS. One listen and I was hooked! This records is melodic and fun with catchy vocals. This was one of my favorite discoveries of 2015. Discover it yourself here.


#5: Millencolin – True Brew


Millencolin is another band whose return in 2015 was highly anticipated. True Brew was worth the wait! The album also resulted in a US tour and I was able to see them for the first time ever this past fall. Their live show was a highlight of my year and this album will always remind me of that. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, you can listen here.


#4: Stabbed In Back – Dasvidaniya


This is one of the best releases on DyingScene Records. From the first day I listened to a teaser track, I immediately knew this would end up on my albums of the year list. The record itself does not disappoint, but it’s sad to know that the band is no more and this is the last album we will have from them. It’s a great record to end on, in my opinion. Listen here.


#3: War On Women – War On Women


I first discovered War On Women in 2014 when they opened for Propagandhi and The Flatliners. I was so happy I got to the venue early to catch them and could not wait for their debut full length. This album is powerful, real, and timely – not just great punk rock, but a truthful look at our society and the influence music can have in reaching a larger audience. I can’t wait to see what they do next. Check it out here.


#2: Success – Radio Recovery


Success is perhaps my favorite discovery of 2015. I had the pleasure of seeing them twice, first at Punk Rock Bowling, and then opening for Millencolin. They command the stage and could easily be a headliner. This album is so much fun and demands that every listener sing along. Hear my new favorite band of 2015 here.


#1: Bad Cop/Bad Cop – Not Sorry


A long , long time ago (ok, in 2014) I saw Bad Cop/Bad Cop open for Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Soon thereafter, I met these kick ass ladies and they quickly became friends of mine. Over the next year or so, I had the pleasure of seeing them perform fairly regularly around SoCal (and Vegas) and started to hear the songs that would soon be on their debut full-length album, Not Sorry. They were even awesome enough to play an acoustic set at our wedding rehearsal this spring! It would be an understatement to say that this was my favorite album of the year. I am still blown away about how solid this album is from start to finish; each and every song stands alone as a great piece of music AND they flow together to form a cohesive masterpiece of modern punk rock. There is no question – this is my favorite, and most-listened to, album of 2015. You should already have a copy of this, but if you don’t, listen here!


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