DS Staff Picks – Screeching Bottlerocket’s Top 10 Albums of 2014

I usually write some long, drawn out paragraph about how a lot of good stuff was released in the past year when I make one of these top 10 lists, but I don’t really feel like doing that right now. If you wanna check out my list, you can do so below.

10. Rancid – “Honor Is All We Know”

Honor Is All We Know is definitely not Rancid’s strongest record, but it’s alright. I was one of the people who liked Let The Dominoes Fall, and I think that album was a bit stronger than this one. It has its moments, but it doesn’t seem all that cohesive. Listen to it here, buy it here.

9. Left Alone – “Harbor Area”

Just a good record of catchy songs by Left Alone, who have been compared to Rancid a lot in the past. Listen to it here, buy it here.

8. The Holy Mess – “Comfort In The Discord”

I wasn’t too big on The Holy Mess’ last record, but this one’s really damn good! I was hooked when I first heard the second track “Spencer Reid.” Listen to it here, buy it here.

7. MxPx – “Acoustic Collection”

Just a bunch of good MxPx songs – some old, some new – done in an acoustic format. Good music for any MxPx fan to drive or relax to. Listen to it here, buy it here.

6. PEARS – “Go To Prison”

Much less relaxing than the MxPx acoustic album, but I have a feeling that’s what the guys in PEARS were going for on this record. Listen to it here, buy it here – and just for the hell of it, read my review of the album here.

5. 7 Years Bad Luck – “Bridges”

This one’s a great melodic punk record! 7 Years Bad Luck’s sound is kinda reminiscent of old school Face To Face or The Loved Ones, but they’re not a carbon copy of either by any means. Listen to it here, buy it here.

4. Lagwagon – “Hang”

I’ve always preferred Lagwagon’s more melodic stuff to their heavier material, but Hang is a solid album. And hey, we’ve been waiting for new Lagwagon for a while, so I’d be happy with pretty much anything. Listen to it here, buy it here.

3. DeeCRACKS – “Beyond Medication”

This is definitely DeeCRACKS’ strongest release to date. It’s just an all-around perfect pop-punk record. That’s why I gave it a 5 star review! Listen to it and read my review here, and buy it here.

2. Bruce Lee Band – “Everything Will Be Alright, My Friend”

Mike Park’s the king of ska-punk, and this record’s proof of that. It is definitely the funnest – yes, I said ‘funnest’ – album to be released in 2014. Listen to it here, buy it here.

1. Victims Of Circumstance – “No More Heroes”

VOC is one of my favorite ska-punk bands, and they’re local to me, so that’s a plus. This is their 4th full-length album, and probably the best record they’ve put out yet. Every single song is awesome, and that’s why it’s my favorite album of the year. Listen to it and read my review here, buy it here.

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