DS Staff Picks – Top Albums of 2012 (Drea)

This list was really hard for me. 2012 was an interesting year for music, most of the highly anticipated albums of the year were duds (See Green Day’s Uno!, Dos!, and Tre!), but if you looked hard enough there were some great releases. Unfortunately, as a full time student with a part time job I haven’t really had the time or the funds to go album hunting. I have spent most of this year listening to albums from 2011, which seems to have been a notoriously good year for music. But 2012 wasn’t all that bad. I wanted to prove the people who have said that this year has been a shitty year for music wrong. And so I sat on my computer for hours researching bands and listening to album streams just to create this list for you punks.

These are my picks.

“Poets Were My Heroes”- Morning Glory

This album definitely has a unique sound. To me it sounds a bit like Gaslight Anthem, White Wives, and Good Riddance had an affair, and “Poets Were My Heroes” was the lovechild. I must admit it took me several listens, but after a while it grew on me.




“Symptoms”- Useless I.D

A dark album by an Israeli punk band with catchy vocals and intense melodies. ‘Nuff said.





“Thomas”- Touchdown Boy

Okay, so technically it is an EP, but this list would not be complete if I did not include an album by a local band. The Jersey shore has a bigger music scene than most know about, and this is easily my favorite album from an unsigned band all year. “Thomas” goes from melodic hardcore, to campy folk-punk. Throw in some killer bass lines, and angst-filled lyrics, and what could be better?


“Comet” -The Bouncing Souls

This album caught a lot of crap. Maybe I am the minority on this one, but I enjoyed it. It is classic Bouncing Souls album and everything I would have expected from them.




“The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore”

You could argue that a compilation doesn’t really belong on this list. However “The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore” was a true testament to new pop-punk acts. And yes, some of them are actually good. This CD made it into my car stereo on many a road trip this year.




“Masked Intruder” -Masked Intruder

Masked Intruder has quickly become one of my favorite bands this year. While being more on the pop side of punk, they pay a lot of attention to melody and vocal harmonies, something that is often not done in the punk genre.






“Toil”- Flatfoot 56

This album is a bit different from Flatfoot 56’s older stuff. Less religious, slightly more political, and packed full of mandolin and piano solos. Even though I am not Irish, Celtic punk will always have a certain place in my heart.




“Trenchknife” -The Scandals

Alright, this is another EP, but it definitely deserves a place on this list. I saw these guys at a small show, and I had a concussion by the end of the set. That basically says enough about this record. Simple punk that makes you feel like jumping into a pit, and running around your pitifully boring suburban town and stirring things up.



“Miles To Go Before We Sleep”- Hoist The Colors

I instantly liked this album the second I heard it. Hoist The Colors mix Celtic with traditional California punk, which makes “Miles To Go” completely refreshing. You won’t find one generic drinking song on this record.




“On The Impossible Past”- The Menzingers

Everyone seems to be talking about “On The Impossible Past” this year. I’ll be honest, I saw The Menzingers before I ever heard their recorded music, and due to a shitty sound system, I could barely hear them. That did not stop me from buying their album, and damn this is good. I can’t really put into words what I like about this album so much, but it has quickly become my favorite rainy music, and easily one of the best things 2012 has had to offer.

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