DS Video Interview: Aaron “El Hefe” Abeyta (NOFX) and his wife Jen on starting their own label

This past weekend in Montebello, Quebec at Amnesia Rockfest, I bumped into Aaron Abeyta (aka “El Hefe”-NOFX) and his wife and business partner Jen Abeyta. The happy couple took some time to talk with me about their record label Cyber Tracks.

The Cyber Tracks venture began shortly after Aaron and Jen met up with the band Margate and from there a chemistry was created that was undeniable. The Abeytas decided to release Margate’s single “Rock n’ Roll Reserve feat. El Hefe” in March of 2012; ultimately giving birth to the label. Although the guys in Margate have been on a DIY kick for years, the band has lots of experience with major labels which proved to be more than helpful in assisting with the launch of Cyber Tracks. Jen’s brother Will has also played a role as webmaster and has lent his marketing abilities to their team.

“For artists by artists” is the Cyber-Tracks motto and they are true to these words. Unlike most labels out there Cyber Tracks runs a 50/50 operation, mutually sharing control with the artists. They also do not take proceeds from sales of band merchandise and the bands maintain control of their publishing rights as well. Cyber Tracks has embraced the new digital age of music and they are evolving with the times unlike many other labels that are having difficulty letting go of how things used to be. With recent signings from Ten Foot Pole and This Legend (feat ex-founding members of Yellowcard), Cyber-Tracks is a record label to pay attention to!

Check out our interview below!

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