Dying Scene Radio Special Edition – It’s Not Dead Fest

In this Special Edition of the new and improved Dying Scene Radio, the boys get out of the city and head out to sweltering San Bernardino, CA for the second annual It’s Not Dead Fest. We told the new hosts that if they came back empty handed, we’d cut their funding and whaddaya know?!? It worked!  Not only did they miraculously pull off an interview with the stalwarts of ska, Buck O Nine, they also managed to somehow dupe canadian pop punk phenoms The Flatliners into talking to them! So congrats, gentlemen! For your herculean efforts your existing budget of $0 will remain in place in perpetuity. Now, get back to work! And you dear listener, enjoy the fruits of their labor! Interviews, a fantastic playlist featuring some of the many incredible acts to play the festival and much, much more, below!

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8BI8Q5kd0A?rel=0&w=610&h=343]


‘It’s Not Dead’ Playlist

Wraths – “I’m a Target”

Left Alone – “Hate The Day

Unit F – “Direct Action Now”

The Flatliners – “Human Party Trick”

Toxic Energy – “Go Away”

Buck O Nine – “I’m Not Dead”

CH3 – “Model Citizen”

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