EP Review: Get Involved! – “Silk Cuts”

Get Involved! is definitely a super-group that has serious potential. There’s a lot of metal, hardcore and post-hardcore theatrics cooked into this pot and when you consider that Tucker Rule from Thursday is one of the guys melted in, you’ll understand my point. His drums are relentless and add so much fuel to the fire that by the time you factor in ex-members of Glassjaw and From Autumn To Ashes, there’s just too much aggression to ignore and too much energy to deny.

The record hinges on furious drums but more so, on grating and driven guitars. There’s a lot of noise here and a lot of power. “Apathy” dances in a sea of melodic hardcore-punk with guitarists, Todd Weinstock and Brian DeNeeve, formerly of Glassjaw and From Autumn To Ashes, respectively, exploring a lot of elements from their old bands yet putting a new stamp on things. This also allows room to flourish via the metal influence of Derrick Karg. His ghostly, diverse and stretching vocals add a badass dimension to the plate.

“Paint It Gold” and the harrowing “Let Your Guard Down” further allow him room to roam and Karg stretches his throat more with an ominous, industrial spin on the mic. It’s a tad 80s gothic in vibe but his delivery still accentuates the power-metal and hardcore elements throughout. “Serenity Now” is the most hard-hitting on the album and as experimental as it gets, it feels like unabashed rage, pent-up for years, unfolding. It’s akin to the earlier works of AFI but with a more precise sound cultivated by rampaging guitars. Get Involved! is definitely a loud breath of fresh air from guys we’ve known for years. Their reps still can’t diminish how potent Silk Cuts is and how much punch it packs, no matter what you think you know about them. It’s a lot to take in in a short space of time and proves very therapeutic if you wanna blow off steam.

3.5 / 5 Stars

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