EP Review: Nervous Dater – “A Hundred Beers”

Nervous Dater released their self-titled debut EP last May. They waited a full year to release its follow up “A Hundred Beers”, and the wait was well worth it. Stylistically similar, “A Hundred Beers” features a polished indie rock sound with a punk ethos that is undeniably refreshing and addictive. The first riff on “Abba Zabba, You My Only Friend” demands attention. It is raw, and is immediately followed by guitarist Rachel Lightner’s unique vocal delivery.

A hilarious tale of a tinder date gone wrong, “Scabs”. Lightner explains “we were biking to see Cheap Girls in Rockaway for our first date….” According to the lyrics, it did not go as intended, but is accompanied by campy “woahs” and a whimsical toy piano. “Kelly Said” is marked by a controlled aggression and sing along “fuck you”s… literally. A high-energy song, it stands out on the record and showcases Nervous Dater’s smart songwriting abilities and knack for catchy harmonies. The album closes out with “5th Floor Walkup”, driven by bass and the constant plea of “Is this everything you hoped for?”. While it starts off somber, it works its way into a frenzy towards the middle, a welcome release.

“A Hundred Beers” is a fun and introspective sophomore effort that likens Nervous Dater to Cayetana and Thin Lips. It balances out somber lyrics with fun hooks.

Recorded at The Headroom in Philadelphia “A Hundred Beers” was released May 13th, you can give it a listen below.

4/5 stars

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