EP Review: Nobody, Ever – “Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road”

Bringing their Emo tinged indie-rock from the heart of Leicestershire, ‘Nobody, Ever‘  have released a 4 track EP, ‘Everyone stood by the side of the road’ which is available for free and well worth a listen!

The record opens with slowly strummed guitars and honest, emotive vocals which proves to be a powerful start and really sets the tone for the rest of the EP. The band are very stripped back with simple guitar rhythms and straight-up drums, which contrasts nicely with the lead vocalists raw vocal tone and desperate lyrics, ‘Well I guess, my heart is still a fucking mess’ . ‘Snap to Zero Weather’ has very powerful bridge, capable of making even this short-wearing punk rocker’s neck-hair stand on end. Although it’s only a repeat of the verse lyrics, the build-up and near-screamed vocals are an excellent change.

‘Not so good, Al’ proves this band can up the tempo when it’s needed. With a sound reminiscent of The Gaslight Anthem, the drums stay straight and drive the son, whilst the lead guitarist plays some excellent riffs through the verse and chorus.

Potentially seen by some as unnecessary, the last track ‘Everyone, Always’ finishes with a wonderfully melodic guitar riff, which continues for just under a minute. As the songs fades out, the riff stays, solitary and beautiful. Yes, beautiful. (Sorry, I got caught up in the moment)

As a first release from a new band, this can’t be faulted. This band are clearly talented musicians and know how to write a killer tune, producing an excellent blend of melody and despair. I very much look forward to a full-length from these guys.

 4.0/5.0 Stars

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