EP Review: Plow United – “Delco”

Most bands that break up, go on an “indefinite hiatus” or go on walkabout and then reform are huge disappointments. Most pop punk bands age just about as well as milk in the sun. Plow United is an anomaly in many ways. “Delco”, the 7″ follow up to 2013’s Marching Band, sits just as comfortably next to 1996’s Goodnight Sellout.

These four songs come strong right out of the gate with the 48 second “That Was Awesome”. It’s not what you would expect from a band partially composed of a professor and a PHD, but somehow it manages to be pretty fucking awesome. Sean Rule is every bit the explosive monster on drums he was in the 90s, setting the beat with sudden bursts of speed that still manage to make me feel 15. Catchy vocal harmonies  on “Live Like a Viking, Die Like a Viking” will stay with you for days.

In a sub genre that’s congested with prefabricated or otherwise bought and sold,  overproduced,  formulaic, heavily coiffed nonsense, Plow United doesn’t raise the bar, but rather sits where they set it almost twenty years ago, defying the bands of today to come anywhere near the level they’ve maintained.

4.5/5  Stars

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