EP Review: Various Artists – “The Wedding Crashers”

The Wedding Crashers started out as a wedding gift to Unreachable Recordings founder Yannik Jean.  He wasn’t the one getting married, but he did perform the ceremony for two of his good friends.  So as a thank you, some of his other buddies that attended the wedding decided to write some songs for him.  This gift is now being pressed on a 7-inch featuring 3 songs from Jon Snodgrass, Brian Wahlstrom, and Miracles, with a bonus track by Yannik himself on the digital version.

The compilation EP is short, with the whole thing clocking in at just over 5 minutes. The music tends to take a back seat to the lyrics, which is understandable on such a short release made specifically for a friend.  Still, it would be nice if there was a little more to the music behind the lyrics, because there really isn’t much going on here musically.   Each song sees the artists playing simple chord progressions on either acoustic guitar or piano.  If you’ve ever heard a singer-songwriter play a folk song, then you know what to expect.

The lyrical theme for this release seems to be one of friendship and humor.  With each song, you can tell they are buddies who don’t mind making jokes at each other’s expense.  Jon Snodgrass starts out with “Is This Legal?” where his lyrics ask Yannik if he is qualified to perform a marriage, and that he hopes “it’s all legal at the end of day.”  While most of this song sees Jon joking with his friend, he does give Yannik some encouragement and shows that he is proud of him, like in the lines “Perhaps you’re a boat captain / And I’m the one that’s overboard / In that case keep it short and sweet / or go as long as they ask you, you’ll do great.”

Brian Walhstrom takes the next song with “Friends for Life.”  While the lyrics seem to be a bit more serious than the opener, there is still some humor here as well.  Brian references Jon’s song when he says “Snodgrass said he didn’t know if you were qualified / But you sure proved everybody right.”  Later lyrics get downright heartfelt when he tells Yannik that he made everybody’s night and that they are friends for life.

The third song, “Quelqu’un Comme Toi”, is by French speaking Montral folk act Miracles.  While I don’t understand the lyrics, the title translates to “Someone Like You,” and I imagine they follow the same lead as the two preceding songs.

Closing out the EP is Yannik Jean himself playing “Anytime.”  The title kind of sums up his intention with this song.  He is basically saying thanks for the gift and very humbly says he would do this for any of his friends anytime.

All in all, The Wedding Crashers is a nice little EP that any group of close friends can relate to.  If you are a fan of any of the performers’ solo work or past bands (Drag The River, Scorpios), this is probably a release you would be interested in.  Especially the vinyl collectors out there.  However, while these are some nice songs, there just really isn’t a whole lot here to justify this release ending up in regular rotation for the rest of us.

3 / 5 Stars

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