EP Review: Western Settings – “Western Settings”

Western Settings are a brand new band coming fresh out of San Diego, California with the four piece only starting to play together in late 2013. They didn’t waste much time in getting tracks recorded, and this EP is the sum of those efforts.

Already the band have started to make friends and influence people, recently playing alongside The Flatliners for their much heralded appearance in Mexico. And with shows coming up with the likes of Iron Chic, 2014 should be a very interesting year for the band.

The EP kicks off with ”Iocane Powder” where the band immediately show they are graced with writing catchy and melodic punk rock. The dual vocals which feature heavily throughout the release work very well on here and while arguably the track is not an instant one, a little bit of patience reaps great rewards. That can be said for the whole release, all tracks are good on the first listen but really burrow their way in by the third. Tracks like ”Humiliations Galore” and ”Back to the Forest” will follow you around all day long with their energy and melody.

It says a lot about the band that every track on here has something that sparks your interest, they know how to engage the listener and the dual vocals keep everything ticking over and interesting. They know how to write straight up in the pit punk, but also know their way around a melody. When a band on their debut sign off with a track as good as ”Mostly Dead All Day”, an emotive and upbeat track about letting go and moving on, you can’t help but to look to the future and contemplate that Western Settings debut album.

The great news is that Western Settings have already started to work on that album which should be out later this year and with the great promise being shown on this EP, it really should be one to look out for! There are only 5 tracks on offer for now, but every track and is memorable in its own way. Definitely ones to watch.


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