Excel to reunite

Old school hardcore punk rockers/crossover thrashers Excel are planning to end their 17 year breakup by reuniting for at least one show.

The reunion was allegedly announced last night in a post on Facebook by former Suicidal Tendencies guitarist Jon Nelson, who said that Excel will be sharing a stage with his current band Nasty Habits at the Malone’s in Orange County, California in March (date to be determined).

Excel released their last full-length studio album Seeking Refuge in 1995.

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  • EXCEL bassist Shaun Ross and [myself] drummer Greg Saenz (EXCEL/DWARVES) got together over the weekend with guitarist Alex Barreto (CHAIN OF STRENGTH), at someone’s pad in Rialto, Ca. in a small, dim, hot room lined with egg crates and some flyers. There was a few loud amps and an old sparkle blue Ludwig kit waiting there, and after almost 20 years of silence we hammered out “Your Life, My Life”, “Wreck Your World”, “Drive”, “Affection Blends With Resentment”, “The Jokes On You”, “Tapping Into The Emotional Void”, and “Split Image”. It was pretty f’n rad. Shaun and I sounded heavier than ever, solid, explosive, fast and aggressive. Alex has mad guitar skills and a crunchy, wicked tone, plus a SoCal hardcore/metal style that fits right in. We are planning more rehearsals, and the rest is yet to follow. Cheers, G

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