Failsafe post studio updates

U.K. Melodic punk act Failsafe are currently hard at work on their third album with Producer Dave Eringa. They’ve posted several updates. Here’s a portion of the latest update:

We are thrilled with the songs that we have completed so far. Without blowing our own trumpet(s) and at the risk of sounding corny/ cliche/ big headed/ moronic, we are exceptionally proud of the way they are sounding and think that Dave is doing a remarkable job of bringing them to life. He is very hands on with his approach and is constantly challenging our performance and the parts of the songs. It is also very humbling to know that we feel like we are making the best possible record we could have done with the money we managed to get together. The generosity of every pledger, and everybody who gives a moments notice to what we are trying to do, is astounding. We consider ourselves to be very proud and very lucky to be doing this right now. So… on the cards tomorrow… 2 tracks of vocals, 2 more tracks of guitar, and 2 tracks of backing vocals…… Dave likes to run a tight ship.”

To read and watch all of the updates in their entirety go here. The band released their latest album “The Truth is…” in 2008 through Small Town Records (U.K.) / Fond Of Life Records (Europe).

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