Fat Mike closes his Bank of America account in protest

NOFX vocalist/bassist Fat Mike has revealed he recently closed his Bank of America account as part of a nationwide US campaign to boycott Wall Street financial institutions. The guy who recently performed at an Occupy protest in San Francisco confirmed in a message on Twitter that he had closed his Bank of America account last month and joined the New Resource Bank, which says it is for people who are “leading the way to a more sustainable world.”

NOFX last released Coaster in 2009 via Fat Mike’s own Fat Wreck Chords, although it was recently reported that their next record is in the can.

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  • So let me get this straight. The guy that supported the democratic party that continued the policy of the bank bailouts, closed his Bank of America account. Of course, if everyone did this, Bank of America would close, which would have happened anyway if the people he supported hadn’t continued the Tarp policy. Now he’s at the “occupy” movement, protesting banks that took money that was GIVEN to them. Why aren’t all these people standing in front of the White House, the Congress, and the Federal Reserve protesting the cause of the problem?

    • Because it’s easier to get angry at the face of the problem, something clear and easy to see like corporations, rather than the true problem, which is the government harboring of corporate greed.

    • I agree. The other thing about this that I think is lame is when “celebrities” show up to stand with the occupy crowd. I guess it’s OK, and you can “occupy” if you are rich, but you also have to hate the rich, which seems contradictory to me. I don’t know what kind of money Fat Mike has, but I’m pretty sure he is doing just fine with his record label. For me, there are too many contradicting issues that factor into the whole occupy movement for it to make any sort of real impact.

  • FAT MIKE is like anyone that has to pay their bills and a living. being rich and being wealthy are two totally different things. you can be rich and wealthy and still agree with a SECOND BILL OF RIGHTS. health care, housing, and shelter guranteed for everyone. i give fat mike props…when i just thought he was some old drunk punk on a bicycle. these guys on wall street are extremely wealthy and made a killing off of the war, the bail out, and fucking people over on reverse mortgages. the occupy movement created dialogue and is inspiring a huge movement.

    • If you want government mandated health insurance then you will have to force doctors to help patients. If you want government mandated housing, then you will have to force construction workers to build houses. And if these people don’t want to do what you want them to do, then you will have to force them into prisons as punishment so that others won’t fight you. No matter how good your intentions are, tyranny is tyranny. What we need is a level playing field, and the only way we can get that is to stop monetary and federal policy that allows extremely wealthy people on Wall Street or anywhere else to profit off of our wars and bailouts.

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