Album Review: Fights and Fires – “We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow”

Ripping from the heart of the West Midlands, Fights and Fires bring a frantic, dirty and solid new album to all your ears. This heavy blend of hardcore and alternative rock is very much a crowd pleasing act and would captivate audiences of both the punk and metal worlds. For fans of At the Drive In, Queens of The Stone Age, Rites of Spring.

‘Chase the blues’, is an excellent opener, with a strong chorus and well written lyrics – ‘No Job, No Woman, Music is what I hold on too’. Followed shortly by fan-favourite ‘Tread Water’ the vocalist slips impressively from verse to chorus without a single breath, keeping up the frustration and anger with shouts throughout. There is no light-hearted side to this band’s music it seems, every song blasting a wall of guitars and drums held together with angry vocals. The tempo is often very upbeat, except for the big half time rock n roll riffs reminiscent of the alternative rock scene.

On the whole, the album is driven and exciting, taking twists and turns with guitars riffs and raw vocals. The band does tend to stick to a similar structure and melody with every song, unfortunately making it tricky to distinguish between them. However, the differing riffs and gang shouts certainly keep the album from getting boring. Its clear this band can write good music, but the lack of dynamic change keeps the album on one level throughout, leaving your ears a little tired. Having said that, this shouldn’t take anything away from the album, as it’s still a very solid, well produced effort from a relatively new band.

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