First Step to Failure call it quits

UK skatepunks First Step to Failure have packed up the gear and are calling it quits. The band recently took a short hiatus after the release of their album “When Best Friends Become Strangers” last summer, which you can listen to below.

The band made a recent statement saying that their guitarist Weasel has been going through some personal problems, and that they decided part ways. The statement later stated that they would still try to continue to be a band, but sadly they have just announced that they are throwing in the towel saying:

“Hey everyone, It’s been a while. Unfortunately we have some bad news. We have decided to call it a day. We’ve had an amazing time over the last 7 years, played with some of our heros and made some awesome friends along the way but things have just ran their course. I’d like to thank everyone who has ever put us on a show, bought a cd or taken the time to listen to us. We are going to be booking a few last shows in February then we’re done. Thank you all again from the bottom of our hearts. We love you all. Niall, First Step.”

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