Album Review: Flamingo Nosebleed – “Headbanger”

Now before I start off with this review, you need to understand something. I’m not a writer in the least bit. This review will be filled with proper grammar and punctuation, but it sure as hell wont be opening any eyes for the Writers Guild of America Awards. Either way, if I haven’t lost you as of yet, here goes.

Flamingo Nosebleed is a 3 piece pop-punk group (Jake Emissions sings vocals and blares pop punk riffs, Phil takes control on the bass, and Mike beats up the drums) hailing from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and they derive their name from doing drugs (cocaine) in Miami, FL. Funny thing is, I only heard about them while going to see a friend of mine’s band in Orlando, FL.

I had no idea what was coming when Flamingo Nosebleed came on. I was so impressed at the end of the show I decided to pick up their new album, “Headbanger.” Sitting at 11 tracks, and what only seems about a 25 minute run time for the entire album, I can’t seem to get enough. Covering topics from beating up cops and driving around for a joyride in a cop car, to feeling like the walking dead, FN keeps a constant poppy and upbeat style of music and never lets the listener down for more than the 3 seconds between songs. Its fun, its poppy, its fast, and it has yet to leave my car stereo. Even the girl I started dating the week prior to picking this up who’s into John Lennon, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors, can’t seem to get enough of ‘the Nosebleed.’

As soon as I put this album on, the first song, “Zombie Daze,” got stuck in my head. It took me weeks to stop singing “I feel like the walking dead! Dead! Dead! Dead!”. It’s a constant barrage of 3-chord punk rock that just stays with you non-stop. Very impressed with the quality of the recordings and production of the songs as well. Drums didn’t drown out the vocals, the guitar was just where it needed to be in order for the bass to come through. I was very impressed with the value and time they put into this record.

Flamingo Nosebleed has become in a a very short time, one of my favorite bands. I can only think of 2 other albums that I can listen to over and over again and never get sick of it. I am very impressed with Flamingo Nosebleed and their efforts to keep the scene alive. I will definitely be waiting for the next time they come to town and hopefully I can get a hold of them via the interwebs to get some more of their work.

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