For all the punks: Joe Strummer interview and obscure “London Calling” performance in honor of his 59th birthday

Sunday’s are generally pretty slow in the world of punk rock news, but this Sunday happens to be Joe Strummer’s birthday. The leader of The Clash (and the vastly under-rated Mescaleros) would have turned 59 years old today.

In honor of the occasion, we’ve stumbled upon a decade-old interview with Strummer from Punk Magazine. The interview was conducted by a Strummer fan-girl, but it’s actually very well written and insightful. They cover a wide range of topics, from what exactly happened to the Clash, what it was like to play Clash songs with the Mescaleros, Strummer’s movie career, and why exactly the Brits have such screwed up teeth. Check it out here.

Additionally, here’s a pretty obscure live performance of Joe Strummer playing “London Calling” during his brief stint as frontman for seminal Celtic punks The Pogues. Enjoy.

Happy birthday, Joe!


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  • I appreciate the “well-written and insightful” comments, but you could’ve used my name instead of dismissing me as some random “fan-girl.” I’ve written several books (one coming out this fall), have been writing a weekly column for over a decade, and have had my writing about music and myriad other topics published in dozens of paying publications.

  • I apologize. I should have clarified my comments. I didn’t mean to imply that you were a random fan-girl at all; I was trying to suggest that sometimes fan-boy/fan-girl authored interviews can turn into “OMG I Love You So Much” gush-fests, much like the old Chris Farley bit on SNL. Yours is clearly not a piece like that. Sorry if it seemed I was trying to sweep your writing credentials under the rug; your professional resume speaks for itself!

  • Hey Judy, great interview!

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