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    Buy our album in the next week and get either Halcyon Days EP or Vent EP + TNSrecords double compilation + stickers for free!

    Online Shop: – £7
    Listen/Buy Digital: – £5


    Big Cheese – “A distinctly mid-‘90s sounding. When they are in full noise rock abandon mode they can kick it with the best of them and it will sink its hooks into you.”
    MPTY Zine, Romania – “Punkish choruses, fast, wild, energic with ironic and social lyrics. This album has everything you need packed in noise.”
    Punk Online- “The one thing that strikes you is the variety of music tempo even during individual tracks. This is a brave thing to do and they pull it off with great effect.”
    Jumbo Records – “Red hot punk action from the incredibly reliable TNS Records, Soulful, angry, passion-fuelled and with a sense of humour. Brilliant!”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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