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    How do you listen to your music? Do you prefer to digest music in the context of an album, or do you gravitate more towards individual songs?

    I’m definitely of the former. I view the album as a piece of art that should have some amount of cohesiveness and conception put into it and is really the only way I listen to music. Always thought the buying individual songs thing was a little weird.

    But, hey! Fuck me! Tell me I’m wrong! What’s your preferred means of listening?


    I tend to do a little of both. If it’s an established band that I already like and a new record comes out, I will always give it a complete listen top to bottom. Sometimes with new bands though, I’m not necessarily on board all the way, so I might cherry pick a few songs digitally that stand out to me. If it end up really liking it, I will usually go back and complete the album.


    I usually listen to albums front-to-back because most of my listening is done with CDs and records. I do listen to a lot of stuff on the internet whilst using my laptop because it’s easier than getting up to pop another CD in the stereo every half hour or flip a record on the turntable every couple of minutes, but I still think most of my listening is done offline.

    So, long story short, full albums.


    Albums. A well thought out and written album flows and you just fall right into the mood of the next song where the last left off. Highs, lows, everything.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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