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    Pick your favorites albums in the FAT catalog (since 1990 !!!) of a Fat label ((more than 150 Albums to date) own by the fat guy …

    My Top 10 in a random order

    Strung Out Teenage Wastelandblues
    Lagwagon Trashed
    Nouseforaname lecheconcarne
    Propaghandi How to clean everything
    Rise against Revolutions per Minute
    Mad caddies quality softcore
    Good riddance A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion
    Old Man Markley Guts n’ Teeth
    Flatilners Cavalcade
    NOFX The Longest Line


    This makes me realize that despite generally approving of the Fat sound, not many of their records favorites of mine.

    But, the four that do come to mind are as follows:

    Against Me! As the Eternal Cowboy
    Against Me! Searching For a Former Clarity
    None More Black This Is Satire
    Morning Glory Poets Were My Heroes


    Propagandhi – “How To Clean Everything”
    Face To Face – “Don’t Turn Away”
    No Use For A Name – “Leche Con Carne”
    Lagwagon – “Hoss”
    Strung Out – “Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues”
    Screw 32 – “Under The Influence Of Bad People”
    No Use For A Name – “Making Friends”
    Lagwagon – “Double Plaidinum”
    No Use For A Name – “More Betterness”
    Rise Against – “Revolutions Per Minute”
    The Lawrence Arms – “Greatest Story Ever Told”
    Against Me! – “Searching For A Former Clarity”
    The Lawrence Arms – “Oh! Calcutta”
    Tony Sly – “12 Song Program”
    NOFX – “Cokie The Clown”
    Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – “Have A Ball”

    Johnny X

    Strung Out’s “Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues” and “Another Day In Paradise”
    Lagwagon’s “Hoss”
    Both of Rise Against’s Fat albums
    Me First’s “Have A Ball”
    Prop’s first 2 Fat albums

    Just so many…


    1. Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues by Strung Out is probably my favorite record of all time.
    2. Punk In Drublic by NOFX
    3. Freakout! by Teenage Bottlerocket
    4. Cavalcade by The Flatliners
    5. Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes by Propagandhi
    6. Twisted By Design By Strung Out
    7. Ballads For The Revolution by Good Riddance
    8. Mediocre Generica by Leftover Crack
    9. Until We’re Dead by Star Fucking Hipsters
    10. Revolutions Per Minute by Rise Against

    Runners up: Making Friends and Hard Rock Bottom by No Use, everything by Strung Out.


    Good Riddance – Operation Phoenix
    No Use for a Name – Leche Con Carne


    No Use for a Name – Leche Con Carne…..countless listening to it …now it’s a bit weird cause tony passed away


    I’ve always thought that you could hear it in his last solo record. He sounded like he knew it was coming. It’s eerie.


    …this was an inescapable development for him and his band not sure what i understand when i interviewed him and joey cape a few days before he passed away.. i found more enthusiasts solo perfomers…..


    Teenage Bottlerocket – Freak Out!
    Leftover Crack – Mediocre Generica
    Star Fucking Hipsters – Until Were Dead
    Anti Flag – The Terror State AND Underground Network
    NoFX – Never Trust A Hippy

    …That new Masked Intruder album is pretty good too


    Looks like it’s been a while since anyone posted here but, damn, I have sooo many FAT favorites… I’d probably say my top 5 is:

    1. Strung Out – Twisted By Design / Suburban Teenage Wasteland (tied)
    2. Less Than Jake – See The Light
    3. Screeching Weasel – Television City Dream (reissue w/ bonus tracks)
    4. NOFX – The Decline
    5. Face To Face – Don’t Turn Away (even though it was originally released on Doc Strange)

    Other favs are the records they’ve released from Teenage Bottlerocket & Pour Habit


    difficult to pick more than 150 Albums to date !!!! soon 25 years old…for a total of nearly 350 releases !!!

    take a nostalgic look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_Wreck_Chords_discography

    As far as i’m concerned i heard countless all the first decade of releasing (via Destiny the european fat distributor in Germany which promote the label and send me the promotion stuff in the 90’s)
    then it was different i stopped writing my fanzine and also because of the internet and .mp3 stuff…


    If I have to pick one:

    Lagwagon – “Trashed”


    easy. Bark Like A Dog.


    Punk In Drublic by NOFX. That`s it.

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