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    I’m sure there will be tons of “AOTY” lists once December and January come around, but I wanna know what albums you’ve been digging this year. There have been plenty of albums that have come out this year that I liked but I feel like the only ones I’ve really been “obsessed with” (for the lack of a better term) have been the new Menzingers and Mixtapes. And I guess the new Hostage Calm album, too.

    What are some of your favorites? Full lengths, splits, EPs, singles, etc! Anything released between Jan 1, 2012 and Dec 31, 2012 counts! (well, Greatest Hits and live albums are kind of iffy. It just seems like cheating to count them when they’re compilations of previously released material)


    I’m definitely going to second the latest Menzingers albums. And this is probably going to get a lot of hate, but I quite enjoyed the compilation The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore.


    The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore! How did I forget that one? No hate from me for that one, Drea, I loved it too.

    Apparently not enough to remember it though… ha

    Johnny X

    Great question. I know I’m forgetting a ton of albums right now but the ones that immediately pop into my head are (in no particular order):
    1) Pennywise – “All Or Nothing”
    2) Yankee Brutal – “The Everlasting Greed”
    3) Brendan Kelly – “I’d Rather Die Than Live Forever”
    4) The First Chairs – “Plastic & Prestige”
    5) Sister Sin – “Now And Forever” (more metal than punk but they’re covered on DS so I figure it counts)


    I’ve got a long list but just to name a few:

    Feudalism – Consonance/Disonance
    Teenage Bottlerocket – Freak Out!
    Masked Intruder – S/T


    So far, I’d say my top ten is as such:

    1. Morning Glory “Poets Were My Heroes”
    2. The Menzingers “On the Impossible Past”
    3. The Taxpayers “God Forgive These Bastards”
    4. Jeff Rosenstock “I Look Like Shit”
    5. Yankee Brutal “Everlasting Greed”
    6. Off! “Off!”
    7. Tragedy “Darker Days Ahead”
    8. Hold Tight! “Blizzard of ’96”
    9. Hot Water Music “Exister”
    10. Holy Mess “Cande Ru Las Degas”

    Lauren Mills

    So far this year.

    1. Propagandhi – “Failed States”
    2. Strife – “Witness A Rebirth”
    3. Enabler – “All Hail The Void”
    4. Riverboat Gamblers – “The Wolf You Feed”
    5. Cancer Bats – “Dead Set On Living”
    6. Astpai – “Efforts & Means”
    7. Such Gold – “Misadventures”
    8. No Trigger – “Tycoon”
    9. The Insurgence – “Elimination”
    10. Death By Stereo – “Black Sheep of the American Dream”
    11. Precursor – “EP”
    12. Yankee Brutal – “The Everlasting Greed”
    13. Cobra Skulls – “Eagle Eyes” EP


    No order whatsoever, and I’m obviously forgetting a lot, but in terms of stuff that won’t get my ass kicked for admitting on here, I’ve enjoyed the hell out of releases from:

    -Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds
    -Hot Water Music (yeah, I said it. Suck it, Jaded Punk Hulk)
    -The Mighty Fine
    -Red Collar
    -The Real McKenzies
    -Sit On It
    -The Bogarts
    -PJ Bond
    -Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves
    -Let Me Run
    -Joshua Black Wilkins
    -Riverboat Gamblers
    -The Holy Mess


    Also, I know it’s still early, but don’t sleep on the new Pentimento record.


    Will I get my ass kicked for liking the Jenny Owen Youngs album?


    Oh, also, the newest Tim Barry album.


    “Will I get my ass kicked for liking the Jenny Owen Youngs album?”

    If someone does kick your ass for that, it won’t be me. I like that album a bunch myself


    Glad to see someone else likes the new Hot Water Music record, I was beginning to feel like an island.


    Like it? There’s quite honestly nothing I don’t like about it. I really can’t think of anything wrong with it (I’m not an old-school HWM fan, maybe that’s why).


    Yeah, no doubt, it’s a really good record. I like both old and new HWM, and I think Exister stands pretty well within their catalog. I mean, sure, it’s no Fuel For the Hate Game but it’s still a pretty rocking album.

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