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    Alright, I’ve been listening to a lot of emo lately. Now, I’m not talking about mainstream pop punk bands and garbage like that. I’m talking Jawbreaker, Title Fight, Embrace, Rites of Spring, The Get Up Kids, and early Hot Water Music.

    So, do you guys dig emo? Have any awesome bands to recommend? Do you prefer the more hardcore influenced variety or the later, more ethereal and melodic style?



    Truthfully, I didn’t realize Jawbreaker or early HWM were considered emo. I liked emo when I first became aware of it (late 90s, early 2000s), and admittedly was a fan of the Dashboard Confessional and Jimmy Eat World for quite a while. I haven’t listened to a hell of a lot of it lately, and I couldn’t even tell you what passes for emo nowadays.


    Dashboard Confessional never really struck me as emo, in my mind that was one of those bands that kinda got lumped into the genre but were really more indie rock. A lot of people label emo as pretty lame because of a lot negative early millennium connotations, but it’s actually quite cool. It’s basically rooted in hardcore, but slowed down with a little more emphasis on experimentation and melody.

    Title Fight , to me, is the quintessential modern emo band.

    Easiest way to explain it all is really just to listen to some bands and see what they have in common, the crossover is where the fundamentals lie.


    I always considered bands like The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring and Jimmy Eat World as Emo, in that they came from scenes where the music was generally heavier than theirs. It started to lose its meaning when the mainstream press started to label every band with a haircut as Emo. My chemical Romance were the poster boys for emo in the UK for ages even though they didn’t really come from there. They were a pop punk band, but it was easy and convenient for the press to label them as that because they looked different.

    I think Further Seems Forever were Emo, so naturally Dashboard were categorised the same. Emo as a phrase is so well known now, your gran could quote it, but when she does it’ll be from the newspaper labelling a Marilyn Manson fan, and not because of Rites Of Spring 😉

    I think Weezer’s ‘Pinkerton’ is an emo classic, do you?


    About a week ago I was hanging out on Turntable.fm and this one guy got really heated over the fact that people label My Chemical Romance as the same genre as American Football. Like, unreasonably angry over the fact.

    This same guy brought up Rites of Spring being a classic “90’s emo” band. Despite the fact that he was wrong about Rites of Spring being from the 90’s, he did get me wondering about the loose of definition people have of the genre. As is, why is it okay that people consider two vastly different bands such as Rites of Spring and American Football as a part of the same genre, but it’s a complete tragedy to also include MCR.

    (For the record, I’ve always thought of My Chemical Romance as one of those pop punk bands that labeled as “emo” at the turn of the century after Jimmy Eat World made the shift into a more pop oriented band and people got confused as how to classify them)

    But I’ve strayed away from the topic a bit. As far as my own “emo” listening, I enjoy The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring, and every now and then I’m compelled to put on Sunny Day Real Estate. I also enjoy Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, Fuel, and Fugazi, but I have a tendency to think of them more as “post-hardcore”, which really doesn’t actually mean anything except for that some of my “anti-emo” sentiments from when I was 15 are still ingrained in my head even though I know better now.


    Yeah I agree with what you are saying, if anything it’s just lazy journalism. During the last ten years all these bands started to come out the woodwork wearing eyeliner And the Emo tag was easy to throw their way.

    I think bands like Rites Of Spring were instrumental in the start of what Emo (Emotional Hardcore) was to become before the term was hijacked. It is all down to preference I guess, I would put Rival Schools next to HWM and JEW as far as Emo is concerned.


    Jawbreaker was always a big one for me, and Say Anything has replaced them for favorite “emo” band in my eyes. Saves the Day and Get Up Kids are great though.


    I’m not sure I could accept Say Anything as an emo band, but yes, of course Jawbreaker is fabulous. Emo to me is a specific sound that doesn’t really lend itself to overt poppiness.


    I thought Counterfit was really underrated!!!!!


    Does alkaline trio count? they’re fucking radder than a bipolar mexican rollerblading,


    Also didn’t realise HWM or Jawbreaker were considered emo. Agree with the ridiculous press being on a convenient rampage instead of anything true or pointful though. My favourite band that I know is emo as opposed to just maybe is The Used. Maybe I jumped to the less credible side of emo haha.

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