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    Lauren Mills

    What are some of your favorite favorite obscure punk bands / albums/


    Bands – Bracket, The Rabble, Up For Nothing, Whippersnapper, No Fun At All, Toy Dolls, The Rebel Spell, This is A Standoff (is under appreciated), Grey Area, Zero Down, Critical Me, A Dying Regime


    Chumbawamba is far from an “obscure” band, but I would argue that their entire discography outside of “Tubthumper” is pretty obscure. The Revolution, EP, Anarchy, Swingin’ with Raymond, and A Singsong and a Scrap are all excellent albums.

    Both albums by The Ghost are also really good. That band is almost like Jawbreaker and Fugazi had a kid together.

    I don’t really know what’s obscure anymore these days thanks to the Internet. Like Rivethead. I feel like everyone knows that Rivethead’s members have gone on to perform in Banner Pilot, House Boat, Off With Their Heads, and Dear Landlord, but it’s rare for me to meet someone who actually listens to Rivethead.

    Lauren Mills

    Cool well whatever is obscure to you works. The members of those bands are in a million other bands. lol Kinda like how Josh Freeze drums for everyone.


    Thought Riot’s “Sketches of Undying Will” is awesome. One of those albums I can listen to all the way through without skipping songs

    Alex Retro

    I was going to say Bracket also. The harmonies on Requiem alone make that an incredible and underrated album. Also, Jank 1000 (late 90s pop punk), and Assorted Jelly Beans (ska infused punk from the late 90s)


    For the millionth time I’m going to give Hail Seizures a shout-out for being one of the best bands no one knows about. As for others I’ll say: Amber Inn, Watch Commander, Lie Captive, Gatherer, Brutal Youth, His Hero Is Gone, Burning Airlines, Moral Crux, and The Riot Before.

    Not sure how known/unknown those are.

    Johnny X

    Hayley, I’m totally with you on Thought Riot. Awesome album by a band I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody talk about.

    Supergirls – “Not My Country” is an all time classic for me and I don’t know anybody who has ever heard of them.
    Hit The Switch – “Domestic Tranquility & Social Justice” (I might have reversed that)
    Chaser – “Numb America”
    Angry Agency – “Calling Out To A World Divided” (one of the best punk-ska albums I’ve heard)

    I feel like I could go on for days. Great thread.


    This is like opening a can of worms, but to name a few…

    Does it Matter, Casket Life, Craig’s Brother, Get Dead, Goodbye Harry, F-Minus, Rescue Unit, Scallywagon, Someday I, Smartbomb, Stoned, Shower with Goats.

    Nice call on Thought Riot and Hit the Switch (I’ve never been able to find their other album for sale…I even emailed the band but never heard back)

    Johnny X

    Can’t believe I forgot Does It Matter’s “A Patriot’s Pride”. Good call dude. You’ve got some good taste there – will have to check out some of those bands. You’re not missing much with Hit The Switch’s other album – quite a let down. Thought Riot’s earlier album has a few gems on it though its not nearly as good as “Sketches.”


    New answer: Attica! Attica!.

    Attica! Attica! is a solo project from former Marathon frontman Aaron Scott. I’m hesitant to call his music “folk punk” because even though he uses lots of elements of folk, he also incorporates a few other sounds. Calling him something like a punk rock singer-songwriter would do him better justice.

    I’ve recently been re-discovering his music. I went through a huge phase three years ago, but the lack of new music kind of had him fall through the cracks in my library. Hopefully a third album isn’t too far off.


    From The Depths, have yet to meet a single person whose heard of them. I think they’ve broken up though.

    Cop Problem. Newer band, played Fest 11. I saw them with Leftover Crack a year ago and they blew me away.

    Johnny Hobo and the Freigh Trains/Wingnut Dishwashers Union/Ramshackle Glory. All the same guy, but he is (for me) THE definition of folk-punk.


    Hey, it’s my first post. Sweet.


    How could I forget: Dalys Gone Wrong.


    Oh man, great thread!

    Adhesive, Inspection 12, Slimer, Hatrick, The Softer Side, Boredom, BigWig, Drunk in Public, PrideBowl, Blount, Buck Wild

    So so many!


    The F-Ups, Schism, Strawberry Blondes, Dear Landlord, The Rabble, Small Town Riot & Bankrupt – To name but a few…


    Tank – There is no “I” in Band

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