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    The Misfits – Plan 9

    Rancid – And Out Come the Wolves

    Dead Kennedy’s – Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

    NOFX – Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing

    Green Day – Dookie, Insomniac


    Rancid – Let’s Go
    Jawbreaker – Dear You
    Good Riddance – Operation Phoenix
    Brand New – Deja Entendu
    Say Anything – Is a Real Boy
    Finch – What it is to Burn
    The Clash – London Calling


    What about Brand New and Say anything never heard about them here in (non North America country) did you saw them live ???


    Brand New was garbage when I saw them live. Say Anything is one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen.


    Rancid – Out Come The Wolves
    Misfits – Walk Among Us
    Minor Threat – Complete Discography
    Early Green Day albums
    AFI – Answer That & Stay Fashionable
    Blatz & Filth – The Shit Split
    Casualties – Die Hards
    The Unseen – So This Is Freedom?
    Dropkick Murphys – The Gangs All Here

    There’s just so many more… ….


    An out of order spectrum of old and new…

    Dag Nasty – Can I Say – bringing a whole new level of melodic awesomeness to hardcore that spawned awesome bands in its wake

    Dag Nasty – Wig Out at Denkos – doing it again with a new singer

    7 Seconds – The Crew – Do i have to explain???
    7 Seconds – Walk Together Rock Together – no, I don’t have to explain!!!

    TSOL – Change Today – Joe Wood came outta nowhere and took the bluesy type sound that the Misfits did and TSOL put together a much darker punk masterpiece!

    TSOL – Dance With Me – 1981 with a slew of new beats and polictical urgency that was right on point in the Reagan era.

    Bad Religion – Suffer – This is the album that litterally put melodic punk on the map people! This album started a revolution of EPIC proportions!!!

    Lagwagon – Trashed – perhaps the finest record to ever come out of Fat. These boys took the metal/melodic/punk sound and put out an album that had drummers and guitarists alike feeling a bit inadequate…

    Strung Out – Exile in Oblivion – this is not their best known release, I know that. It dropped during the massive decline of this sound/era, but this record was so well done it was a reminder that some bands and people still care about this shit and don’t give a fvk about the change in the musical landscape to what is now trendy fvkn overgrown beards, skinny jeans, and whatever the fvk else!

    Youth Brigade – Sink with California – think Mike McGill from Powell Peralta Skateboards (the inventor of the McTwist – one of the most iconic moves on a skateboard) shredding at Del Mar Ca skatepark in the Bones Brigade movie. Not too mention the Better Youth Organization…BYO

    Descendents – Somery – I refuse to justify this one!

    Propagandhi – Supporting Cast – Of the newer shyt out there that is in the metal/punk realm, this album flat out transcends 99% of the swill! In terms of experimetal arrangements, lyricism, technicality, and production/sound quality, this record is a gawd damn jolt to a new level.

    Good Riddance – A Comprehensive Guide… – much like Propagandhi, I do not subscribe to a lot of these guys politics, but I can still hear when a band is delivering a message with real heart! i fvkn love this record!

    Frenzal Rhomb – Meet the Family – One of my favorite quirky comedy punk albums!

    Farside – Rigged – bands that decided to move away from the breakneck tempos in favor of the mid tempo stuff, these guys were really really really underrated!

    Down By Law – Punkrockacademyfightsong – At the height of the Epitaph band explosion, this album dropped and heavily reinforced the entire movement! This is Dave Smalley’s best work outside of Dag Nasty

    Agent Orange – Living in Darkness – another one that I do not have to justify

    Bigwig – Reclamation – not their most popular work, but this album came in the decline of this sound era as well and it’s a solid effort that strikes me as a clawing effort to say “fuck you for turning your back! keep this scene alive”

    Implants – Chaos to Order – band spanking new and it’s like getting into a shinny new red sports car.

    Pulley – Esteem Driven Engine – I just love this record because it’s Scott Radinsky basically saying, “hey Ten Foot Pole!! Are you fucking kidding me??? you’re going to kick me out of the band!?!?! We’ll fuck you guys!! I don’t need any of you assholes!! Enjoy your shitty decline because I can do way better over here with these guys anyway!!”

    Ten Foot Pole – REV (no other album…Scott on vox or forget it!!!)

    Thrice – The Illusion of Safety – of all the metal/punk screamy stuff that flooded in, this is one of my favorites based on thoughtful lyrical content and outstanding guitaring.

    Jawbreaker – 24 h Hour Revenge Therapy – we’re not going to discuss this one either!

    Samiam – Clumsy – A very underrated and misunderstood band that reached major label status out of sheer akwardness! I love this record!

    Staring Back – On (so fvkn underrated) – There are a million fast pop punk albums like this, and i know a lot of people don’t dig the vocal stylings here, but I could feel the band’s energy on this release in a way that most want to portray, but never can. Whoever the fvk was engineering and helping produce this effert was probably a military commander that would not settle for anything other than 100% effort!

    Tilt – Play Cell —Tsunami Bomb anyone? Discount anyone? I didn’t like any of them as much as Tilt. Cinder brought a theatrical/almost gritty Broadway-play type of vocals to mix up the Fat roster. Play Cell was pre-Fat, so it showcases the grittyness in a more unpolished yet still very cool way


    The Circle Jerks-“Golden shower of hits”

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