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    Chris Ramone

    Anyone got at least one favorite album by Rancid? You don’t have to make a top 5 list or anything though.

    In no particular order, but …And Out Come the Wolves is definitely first.
    1. …And Out Come the Wolves
    2. Let’s Go
    3. Rancid (the 1993 version)
    4. Indestructible
    5. Let the Dominoes Fall


    all the records are very good ’cause Rancid recorded a lot in studio and release only the best tracks, as far as i’m concerned the mix ‘life won’t wait’ is awsome
    then this ones
    Let’s Go
    . …And Out Come the Wolves
    Let the Dominoes Fall


    I was just having this debate with a Detroit comrade the other day. He was blasting us for digging on Out Come The Wolves, but we broke bread on all of them being worthy. I recon beyond that, I’m most partial to Let’s Go and Let The Dominoes Fall.

    Johnny X

    How is this question even up for debate. Out Come The Wolves is Rancid’s best album by a landslide. It’s legendary! Let’s Go is #2 for me and then their debut self-titled. After Life Won’t Wait I haven’t been able to get back into them.


    Rancid is my favorite band of all time. …And Out Come The Wolves is definitely the one that pulled me in but it’s not my favorite:

    1. Life Won’t Wait – Tim took his song writing to a new level on this one.
    2. …And Out Come The Wolves. Even my seven year old gets songs from this record stuck in his head.
    3. Let’s Go. Not a bad song on the record
    4. Self Titled. The first record, not the 2000 self titled.
    5. Self Titled from 2000. Their most aggressive.
    6. Indestructible.
    7. Let The Dominoes Fall. “LA River” is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard.

    Looking forward to another record in 2013.


    1. Let’s Go

    2. And Out Come the Wolves
    3. Life Won’t Wait
    4. Indestructible


    Ah !!! life won’t wait a very good album i discover it with a promo album send by epitaph europe (for my zine and radio program) i was in a student trip in spain (someone robbed it 10 years ago !!)

    ian lawless

    1. …And Out Come the Wolves
    2. Life Won’t Wait
    3. Let’s Go
    4. Indestructible
    5. Rancid(2000)
    6. Rancid
    7. B-Sides and C-Sides
    8. Let The Dominoes Fall


    1 – Rancid 2000
    2 – Life Won’t Wait
    3 – Let’s Go
    4 – Rancid 1993
    5 – ….And Out Come The Wolves
    6 – Let The Dominoes Fall
    7 – Indestructible
    8 – B Sides and C Sides.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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