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    Avengers, The Soviettes, City Mouse,Tilt, Be Your Own Pet, Texas Terri, The Smears, The Beautys.


    Yeah i back the avengers, the pink album is great.

    Also like the muffs, some of the early discount stuff and i also have a record by a band called bangs that is really fucking cool


    This is pushing it, since both bands use duel male-female vocals, but I also love both RVIVR and Mixtapes.

    And Against Me! also counts as a part of this topic. They’re definitely one of my favorites.


    Never been a big fan of female fronted bands but The Gateway District are excellent. Been listening to their new album lots of Spotify, much better than their first.


    Back in december 2012 when we did a little mini tour, we played this venue “the wonderoot” and one of the bands that played were named Ganges Phalanges, they had a female front(woman). Super solid band, I’ve seen and heard many female singers online and what have you, but this band was pretty much “unheard of” and so solid. Check them out online


    I’ve been listening to White Lung a lot recently. They’re pretty badass.


    Lunachicks for the win, but I recetly saw this band play at Isubordination Fest in Baltimore name Lipstick Homicide. Pretty awesome band. Pop-punk, so their music is flooded with Queer’s style solos and poppy riffs, not to mention I love Fender Jaguars and redheads and their ginger guitarist plays one.


    Sleater-Kinney, Rosie Prickles, Be Your Own Pet, Gossip, there are quite a few good ones out there. The Slits are a favorite, Siouxsie and the Banshees


    The Distillers, Civet and Dollyrots are at the top of my female fronted list.


    Not been mentioned yet but my favourite is No Comply. Were a great band.


    Tsunami Bomb forever. For skate punk there’s Friends With The Enemy. I was in a band called Nevernoodz that had female and male vox. (www.nevernoodz.bandcamp.com)

    OH! and Smalls might annoy people here but the music is good, even if the vox are pop punk


    Friends w/ the Enemy is awesome! Their singer just had a baby too 😀

    Here are a few I like…

    The Turkletons – http://turkletons.bandcamp.com/album/lipstick-homicide-split
    Vocals split between a girl and a guy, so I don’t know if they totally qualify, hahaha… They’re awesome though!

    Lady & The Monsters – http://sexybabyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sorry-were-late
    Another great band that splits vocals between a guy and girl. Girl’s most primary voice though…

    The Interrupters – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gg8HvYqMo7M
    Saw these guys (and girl) open for Rancid and Tim Timebomb a month or two ago… Not really anything that unique, just sounds like Rancid

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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