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    Has anyone else checked out this Descendents tribute comp yet? It’s so weird, but I love it.

    It focuses on primarily on songs from Milo Goes to College and I Don’t Want to Grow Up, but there are also covers of songs from Enjoy!, ALL and even a cover of the pre-Milo song “Ride the Wild”. I think it’s a really nice balance to the Either/Or Descendents tribute album that was released last year, which had way too much of an emphasis on Everything Sucks and Cool to Be You (not that those are bad albums or anything, but given that the Descendents only have six albums to their name you’d think that tribute albums would cover more ground).

    My favorite part about this comp is that a lot of the bands have put a very non-punk spin on most of these tracks. Sure there are the more straight forward covers (FIDLAR’s “Suburban Home”, The Bronx doing “Catalina”, and Good Riddance covering “Sour Grapes”), but it’s interesting to hear Milo Greene’s very soft and slow version of “Parents”, or Bobby Birdman’s electro-driven “I Don’t Want to Grow Up”. And then YACHT somehow managed to turn “ALL” into almost a 4 minute drone song.

    It’s free to download here:

    So what does everyone else think? Good comp with interesting takes, or just a horrible collection of songs that ruin Descendents classics?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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