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    Let’s get a little nostalgic for a minute. What was your first genuine punk rock show (more than watching a couple locals play Blink-182 covers at a junior high talent show).

    I’ll go first: Bad Religion, Dance Hall Crashers and Unwritten Law at the now-defunct Avalon Ballroom in Boston on BR’s “Grey Race” tour.


    First show I went to was just a couple years back: Against Me!, Cheap Girls, and Fences at the Knitting Factory in Spokane, WA. Twas awesome, great memory.


    I hesitate to post this but can I count Green Day on their American Idiot tour? I was 14. Fun fact: Against Me! opened up for them (this was 2005.)

    If Green Day doesn’t count, we can throw in Bouncing Souls. Little 17 year old me was so excited to be hanging out with the punks


    I went to a ska show at the Knitting Factory when it was still in Manhattan. The Toasters headlined, and most of the other bands that played are probably all broken up by now. There was this one band, The New York Ska Exchange, and they were like an Operation Ivy / Suicide Machines type ska band. I really wish they were still a band.

    But that was a ska show. First punk show was… the 2005 Epitaph Tour? Co-headlined by Matchbook Romance and Motion City Soundtrack, with support from From First to Last and The Matches. I can’t remember if that was before or after seeing Rise Against with From Autumn to Ashes, Comeback Kid and The Loved Ones. Both were at Irving Plaza in NYC.

    But it was one of those two.


    Just for the record, the 2005 Epitaph tour happened first. I know you were all dying to know that.

    And also for the record, the 2006 Fat Wreck tour (featuring The Soviettes, Smoke or Fire, The Epoxies, and Against Me!) was a much better show. I still like that first Matches album though.


    I saw the Cro-Mags in either ’88 or ’89…boy, was that an eye-opening experience.


    Warped Tour 01. I was just starting to get into punk, and I think I went to see Rancid and the Gimmes. While there I got turned on to H2O, but we left before the Bouncing Souls played (I kicked myself later on when I finally get into them).


    My first punk show was more recent than I would like to admit. NOFX, Anti-Flag, and Old Man Markley.


    It was either Tilt at the Grog Shop in Cleveland (Til It Kills tour) or Green Day when they toured for Dookie.


    First punk show for me was Bad Religion when I was 16.

    Favorite punk show was the Fat Wreck tour when I was 19 (Good Riddance, Mad Caddies, No Use for a Name, and the Atari’s [who I wish weren’t there])


    For me back ….in march 1993 in a small club in the south of FRANCE my first non french punk show….(before this one i saw a few locals punk bands through 1992) was the californian of D.I (Leeway where opening for them) I had the chance to see a classic punk show face to face with the band small venue around 150- 200 people pogos and stage diving/slam ….all what i could expect for a 19 years old kid…and also with friends we just started our fanzine and we got the chance to interview Casey Royer after the show for 30 minutes…. A few months ago I saw BAD RELIGION Recipe for Hate European Tour and we did two interviews one with Jay Bentley and Greg Graffin before the show and just after one with Brett Gurewitz who explain us it was not easy to manage a label like Epitaph (!!!), and introduce us a new band ex Operation Ivy RANCID (!!!) it just recorded with them….a few months after Brett quit the band and Bad Religion sign to major compagny Atlantic Records..then Brett (despite crack and heroin problems) became a millionaire with the blast of “smash” for Offspring EPITAPH was the label “in” !!!


    1979…Buzzcocks , @ Emerald City , Cherry Hill , NJ


    Warped tour 2002 at Randal’s Island in NY. I sneezed out mud for a week.

    MF Jones

    Streetlight Manifesto at Cabaret Juste Pour Rire in Montreal. I was 14 at most hahaha.


    Local bands, can’t remember their names. They played at the smallest venue in town. The Pink Eye. Joints shut down now. I saw a lot of good bands play through their but I’ll never forget that first show. Standing in front of the PA systems, volume cranked so loud my shoulder length hair I had at the time is blown by the sound. I had a pack of Sugar Babies from the Quick Trip up the street and they were shaking i the box.

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