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    …a difficult decision, for sure.

    By small band, I’m thinking under 5,000 Facebook “likes.” Have at it, kids. What say you?


    Hmm, interesting topic. Could they be already signed? If so I would say The Scandals, because they are from my area, and some great hardworking guys. If not it would probably be this small french band called Wank For Peace because they have great music, and I could see them being well-received among the American hardcore scene.


    Yeah, I would say they can be already signed, though certainly not to a major label. Then again, I’m sure a major label wouldn’t sign a band with less than 5,000 facebook “likes” unless the son of the head of A&R for the label was in the band.


    Blackbird RAUM. Small folk punk band from….somewhere.


    Without a doubt Hail Seizures from Olympia, WA. They play this awesome dark, crusty folk punk. Just really sweet shit.

    Lauren Mills

    Probably The Bogarts, but they don’t tour.


    I would sign 16 Hundred Pound Pig in a heartbeat. And the first thing I would do is have them put their whole album up on bandcamp as opposed to just three or four songs.

    Johnny X

    Great thread! I think everybody knows my answer – Yankee Brutal! Chiggity check!

    I’d pick up Strike Twelve next if Felony didn’t beat me to it.


    I’m probably with Lauren. Love The Bogarts. Also, The Reveling (though they are on Black Numbers, but still).


    Against The Grain out of the D.


    Treephort!!!! They self-produced their first 3 albums starting around 99-2000, had a couple with Asbestos Records and just released more through Itunes. They are a ska/punk band, or as they call themselves- nerd-core, from the Atlanta area.

    Tracks you should hear:
    -Why Do Fat Kids Like Metallica?
    – Eating Blazing Electric Death Bitch!
    – Yearbook Picture
    and many more.

    Johnny X

    Just checked out Treephort. Not bad but I think I’d go with The First Chairs for a ska-punk band I’d think about signing.


    The Haverchucks!


    Ghost Cat from Jensen Beach FL. Post hardcorish in the line of Touche Amore/La Dispute. Cool sound.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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