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    Hello! I’m Chris, 33, from Leeds in England.

    Roof Slater/Tiler by trade, the only love that eclipses my love for punk rock and hardcore is football (soccer to Americans!). I follow my team, Cambridge United, up and down the country every week. Have been a lover of all things punk since i was 14 and listened to Therapy?’s album ‘Troublegum’ and haven’t looked back.

    Can’t put into too many words how much music means to me in my life, It’s helped me in some difficult times and i’d struggle to get by without it.

    Ta 🙂


    Greatings:-) I’m Howard.. I’m from Kentucky. But right now we live in a little town in southern California called Carlsbad. This is due to my wifes service in the U.S Navy. As of right now I have 2 kids 17 and 10. I drive a truck all over the country. But here in a few months when the baby arrives. I’m gonna stop being a truck driver. And take up the role of stay at home dad:-) And pray my wife does not get deployed soon as the baby gets here. I’m a huge Black Flag and Iggy Pop fan. I also love the fluid. Circle jerks Misfits Balzac and OFF! That’s pretty much about it:-)

    Johnny X

    @rollinspunk78, you must be stoked about the Black Flag, reunion. New album!


    Hey hey everyone

    My name is Evan, currently I’m 24 and play bass in a band from Fernandina beach Florida, just about an hour north of Jacksonville called Thirteen22. I hate classifying our genre or what we sound like, but it’s pretty much “punk rock n roll”. I play bass in the band, but I’ve been playing guitar since i was 16 and love music all around, and am always down to communicate with other musicians and hook up contacts. You can hear our first time in the studio, and our first EP at Looking forward to meeting new bands/musicians and hopefully booking shows with some people, amongst other things on here. it’s a great forum and site from what all I’ve read so far!


    Sorry Johhnyx it took so long to reply. Have been very busy. I don’t really know I feel about the new Black Flag? I kinda feel some things are better left in the past. Like the Misfits without Danzig. I am not a Graves era Misfits fan. He kinda reminded me of the real slim shady. But I must say it was O.K. So I’m gonna look at a new Black Flag with a open heart. And hope it won’t let us all down??


    Hi, I’m Jo. I live in NY (not the city), but I’ve previously lived in NY (near the city), PA, VA, and DC. I’m actually a big bad evil lawyer by trade, but I don’t practice law in any traditional sense of the term. I now work in helping people build careers, but my background is in voting reform and political representation for the traditionally unheard.

    I’m learning to play the drums. I’m not very good at it. I’ve taken singing and theater and dance lessons since I was 3 (I’m 27 now), and I am marginally better at that than I am at drums. I’m a volunteer dance teacher for disabled children. I used to be a radio DJ with my very own little punk show.

    Sometimes, I put words together and send them along to DS.


    I am bad at this sort of thing..but…
    My name is Cory, older than dirt (if dirt has a age). Probably started listening to punk around 1982, and haven’t stopped yet. Like most sub-genres of punk, but lean towards hardcore and powerviolence, as well as Japanese punk and hardcore.
    When I am not indulging in all things punk rock, I write a anime/manga blog and provide vocals for a band called the Eyesores (who hasn’t been doing much as of late).


    Hey, I’m Dave. First time I heard punk was when Rancid released Let’s Go when I was 13. Up to that point, all I knew was top 40, so the minute I saw the video for Salvation, I couldn’t look back. I now line in LA, and do security for a major film company.

    Anyway, love punk, and glad I stumbled across this site.

    Johnny X

    Dave, that is literally the exact same way I got into punk. Same age too. And I also now live in LA. Eery.


    Are you me? Did I open some sort of wormhole???


    Here’s a cool stuff about DYINGSCENE we all love punk rock but we are all in a differents places of the world…universal fact of these scene.


    I’m Vicky from Scotland, think there’s already been a Scottish person on this thread so for a 5million population country that ain’t bad.

    Favourite bands include Rise Against, Riverboat Gamblers and Stiff Little Fingers, but I also love pop/rock bands like TBS and The Used. Just joined this site today, had only known about punknews previously.

    I’ve started playing guitar, mostly coz I’ve written lyrics since I was 12 and had tunes in my head I could never write down. Now I’m a student of history, 22 years old. Love going to gigs.

    Johnny X

    Welcome, Vicky! Stoked to have you representing Scotland on the thread and glad you discovered us in general. Think you’ll find our coverage is loads better than punknews. You’ll discover a ton of new bands too – keep an eye out for the band spotlights and free album downloads. K, gonna stop promoting my own site now.


    Hi. John here from Bradford in the UK. I’ve Just started getting back into newer bands after many years not really following the punk scene. I’m 47 so saw many of the classic punk bands in their prime. Something I can hopefully bore you about later. So for now, I’m just finding my feet again. Hope to be on here a lot more.


    hey there im bow from ny, and I play in guitar in a band called weird and pissed off, that’s pretty much all I do, please feel free to check it out and like our page

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