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    Hey, I’m Alan, 26, Irish but living in Canada until they kick me out. I like everything, favourites are skate punk and pop punk with breakdowns. I used to be in a hardcore band called Cut The Reins ( and I’ve a melodic punk band called Nevernoodz that’s on hiatus as we’re rarely in the same country

    I also run a music/film/random junk site called Good Days And Cliches


    HI! everyone I guees I’m the last one and newest who wrote here but here I go. My name is Pablo I’m from Costa Rica , Central America. I’m 31 years old I’m orchestral percusionist and music profesor at elementary school. My friends from the classical world call me “El Loco” and for my punk friends I’m just a band geek . I have been a punk rocker for most of my life. As a percusonist I also play drum set with extremely passion. I have a lot of favorite bands and always somebody ask me which are my favorite bands I always regret because I always forget one or two bands. So I hope you dont mind my bad english!!!


    Welcome Jeypo, it’s cool to see that around dying scene there is various pieces of the world that read and contribute to the site. North America, Europe mostly but also Central America, South America, Australia, South East of indian Ocean (as myself) what about ASIA and AFRICA…anyone from there ???


    yo, i’m sven /23/ from sisak, croatia. I love my bikes, play in some bands, make DIY gig posters and almost done with studying architecture. I love my punk too


    So then I guess I’m overdue for a quick hello on this forum.
    Name’s Steve, mid-thirties, proud father of two (three in a couple of weeks), great lover of music and literature, struggling writer, amateur photog, beer aficionado, rockclimbing dude.

    I pay the bills teaching English in a small suburban college on the outskirts of Montreal, and with all the free time I get with this sweet gig I do other fun things such as occasionally contributing to this here glorious punk website when I’m not gone trying not to get killed on some awesome overhanging expanse of rock (not the music, the mineral) somewhere in the world.

    Musically, your wondering? Well I grew up on the Fat Wreck sound, so that’s where I stand punkwise. These days I listen to as much indie and folk as I do punk, so I’m quite open-minded about music, as long as it is melody-based (which, one might argue, makes me not so open-minded after all).

    So there: hello.


    Welcome Steve, i think it’s because this site is talking about different shapes of punk rock music and most of the contributors are open-minded about music : it brings something special from short topics about new albums, tours, Fullset shows (this three are my majority of posts) but also many chronicles (albums, concerts) as recently the latest review of Punk Rock Bowling or may be the rich guys in the punk rock scene or photos gallery….It makes this site not boring at all (compare to others) for both of punk rockers beginners to longer listening of this type of music …LONG LIVE to DS !!!


    Hey! My name is Mitch, I’m Straight Edge, 19, and from Chicago Illinois. I currently attend Columbia College Chicago majoring in Music Production, and minoring in Radio. I discovered the Chicago punk scene when I was a freshman in high school and have wanted to be a part of it ever since. I’m the bassist in an Alternative Punk Rock band called Overclocked (we’re looking for a drummer if anyone cares!) and if anyone else here is from the Chicago land area and would like to maybe jam or play shows with us we would be pretty open to that!


    Name’s Lauren. I’m from Scotland, but live in Perth, Western Australia. I’m 16, and I believe I’m the youngest on here. There was one other punk in Perth, but believe he overdosed and is not with us anymore. The scene is completely dead here, so I’m moving back home next year. My father introduced me to punk at a very young age, and it’s stuck with me. I’m currently studying fine art, and i’m forever drawing or painting. I have a husky who means everything to me, and that’s about it.

    Dave De Niro

    Hey Lauren I’m from Perth. There’s plenty of punks here, I play bass and sing in a punk band called the De Niros. I think the punk scene in Perth is fucking awesome, but maybe it’s not for U18s? Anyway… I study communications at UWA and yeah… whatevers!


    Ummmm, Lauren… The Decline’s from Perth and they’re phenomenal…

    Dave De Niro

    Damn right, The Decline are awesome, Dan (bass/vocals) has a solo/side project with an EP launch this Friday, although slightly more pop-rock/folk-punk than pure punk rock, but still awesome. Also check out Castle Bravo, they are fucking unreal.

    But yeah, there’s plenty of other punk bands too

    Agitated, Scalphunter, De Niros (my band), Blindspot, The Bob Gordons, Alex the Kid, Chainsaw Hookers (kinda crossover), the reptilians, FAIM, Worst Possible Outcome (oldschool hardcore) and the list goes on and on. Most Fridays will have at least to 18+ shows, and quite a few all ages gigs around the place these days too.


    Hello! My name is Bobby. Im 27 and I live in Phx, AZ. I’ve been following this website for a while now, getting all of my up to date information on my favorite bands. Punk has been my life since I was in 6th grade, and has shaped me into who I am today.

    When I got the music, oh I got a place to go…


    Hey guys,

    My name is Jared. I’m 24 and live in Tempe, AZ. I signed up for this site a little over a year ago and kind of forgot about it. I miss being able to write on normal forums without tons of spam and trolls. I’m mostly into 90’s skate punk and pop punk bands. I also play bass in a pop punk band here in the valley.


    Hola. I am Tyler. I live in bum-fuck South Carolina.

    I used to play drums, though I was never good at it. I work in a jail and enjoy Punk of all flavors.

    A gamer and a fuckin’ bum.

    Nice to meet’cha!


    Ey, I’m Lex. In the process of relocating just outside of LA from New England. Life’s been on pause for the past few years for me, confined at home due to some chronic health issues that are being resolved finally. Chasing some dreams now, or attempting to. Been a reclusive catlady the past few years, & miss getting lost in shows/seeing local music immensely. Trying to get acclimated to the new city I’m in. I don’t have/use Facebook/Twitter- you could say I’m stubborn in my old age (28). I’m using free wifi & have a shit connection here in CA, at the moment, which further hinders any kind of exploration. Restless as hell, but unsure where to go- or even search- for decent shows/venues. Hoping this community will serve as a virtual compass.

    I won’t bother with a huge list of bands I love.. too many, in a variety of genres. To name a few musicians whose music raised me/I’ll never get tired of- Patti Smith, Buddy Holly, Tom Waits, Iron Maiden, Bob Dylan, Motorhead, The Adicts, The Pogues, The Ramones. Like a lot of thrashy street punk, old UK stuff, Oi!, folk, 50s rock, psychobilly, various metal, indie, ska, some emo stuff, blues, classical. I like a lot of the hybrid genres around now, too, like folk-punk, etc.

    Hopefully this offers some insight into the general sounds I like, if anyone wishes to help me navigate, & recommend venues/upcoming shows in the LA area. I’m really just making stabs in the dark here- don’t really know anyone with similar tastes on this coast. Just showed up with my cat, & he hasn’t been too helpful in my quest thus far. Handful of local friends I’ve got don’t share the same musical tastes with me by a longshot, either. In fact, the cat’s probably the only one who seems to appreciate Tom Waits playing half the day in my apt.

    Looking forward to digging around this site/forum- it looks a bit deserted at first glance, but promising, nonetheless.

    *tips hat*

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