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    Keeping the “shame” theme going: what non punk rock bands/artists do you listen to, no shame involved?

    I’ll be one to admit that I enjoy (some of) those pop-punk bands (Man Overboard/Fireworks/This Time Next Year/The Wonder Years, etc) Set Your Goals is my favorite out of all

    I’ve been a huge New Found Glory fan since I was 12 years old.

    I don’t listen to them as much, but I saw Taking Back Sunday at Warped tour this year and loved every second of their set



    There’s the hipster punk bands I’m ashamed to like (Ted Leo/rx, Titus Andronicus), but as far as non-punk goes:

    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers


    Faith No More, Atmosphere, P.O.S, Just to name a few.


    old stuff such as POLICE, MIDNIGHT OIL, some movie’s OST, …and here where i live international REGGAE shows with friends.


    That Handsome Devil. Fucking love that band.

    Now that I think of it though, it might be the only non-punk band I’m really into it.


    Every Time I Die
    He Is Legend
    The Tallest Man On Earth


    Foo Fighters, any classic rock group, River City Extension, Nirvana, Dirty Heads, Ballyhoo!, and Slayer.


    Pearl Jam and their various related side projects. Foo Fighters. Better Than Ezra. Finger Eleven’s frist few albums. Jay-Z through and including the “Black Album.” Lupe Fiasco’s first two albums.


    “Weird Al” Yankovich fan since ’99.

    I’m also a really big fan of Chumbawamba. They got their start in the anarcho-punk scene, but I find myself more attracted to their latter-day folk work.

    (I’ve got plenty of other favorite bands that aren’t very “punk rock” like Cheap Girls and The Gaslight Anthem, but they get regular coverage on this site and I don’t know if they count or not)

    Johnny X

    Meatloaf. Bat Out of Hell, baby!

    Lauren Mills

    Does Quicksand count? Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Pantera, Blur, Testament, Megadeth, POS, Elliott Smith, Rocky Votolato, Aesop Rock, Gang Starr, Nas, Cyne, Binary Star, Eyedea, Motion City Soundtrack, Overkill, Kreator, Illogic, Cave In, Unearth, Jurassic 5, Sadistik, A Tribe Called Quest, Doomtree, Astronautalis, Rising Sun Quest, Typical Cats, Megadeth, Hieroglyphics, Buck 65, Sage Francis, Cage, Joy Division, No Motiv, The Hellacopters, In Flames, At The Gates, Immortal Technique, ECID, Sector7G, KRISTOFF KRANE, King Cannons, City & Colour, Boysetsfire, Jedi Mind Tricks, rickoLus,


    I will admit that I dig anything jazz or swing. It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.
    Also, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Elliott Smith.
    And not bands, but Bach and Beethoven.

    Chris Ramone

    Mostly some 80s or 90s stuff. Too many bands too list, but some of the “non-punk” bands that I like include The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, Faith No More, Suicidal Tendencies (I’m not sure if they count just because they were a punk band in their early career), Nine Inch Nails, Candlebox.


    I think it’s a well known fact that Green Day is probably my all-time favorite band. Also, i’m quite a huge fan of Justin Beiber.

    Alex Retro

    I am proud to say that I love and am influenced by:
    Billy Joel
    The Beach Boys

    And I also love:
    Van Halen (first couple of albums more so)
    Danny & The Juniors
    Jan & Dean
    Night Ranger
    Johnny Cash
    Frank Sinatra

    Mainly any good 80s rock and classic 50s and 60s music

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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