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    This was a spam post originally, although now it has been edited to become a cover thread.

    What are some of your favorite cover songs? Can be punk bands doing non-punk songs, non-punk bands doing punk covers, or punk bands doing punk covers.

    Try to limit yourself on the non-punk bands doing non-punk covers though. And if any of your favorite covers belong on any of the Punk Goes… compilations (that isn’t Punk Goes Metal), you might want to keep that to yourself, lest you be chastised for it.


    I’m partial to any song that Screeching Weasel would record and then The Queers would re-record. Or vice versa.

    And also Screeching Weasel’s cover of “I Can See Clearly”.

    And Green Day’s cover of “Outsider”. Zach Miller once wrote (while doing a guest strip for Mitch Clem) that it’s the best Ramones cover ever recorded. So you know, that kind of makes it a fact. Here’s the comic in question: http://www.mitchclem.com/nothingnice/249/


    British Comedian Ade Edmondson did an awesome live cover of anarchy in the uk in a jazz/swing sort of style on some new years eve program a few years back with Jools Holland on piano. That has to be my favourite cover of all time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcZrnMDOEs8


    Dead Kennedys: I Fought the Law and Viva Las Vegas


    DKs Viva Las Vegas is awesome.

    However, it’s not got shit on Richard Cheese – Baby Got Back.


    For real though, The Bastard Suns – Walk Of Life


    MxPx – Summer of 69


    Hands down, Leatherface’s cover of “True Colors.” Totally breathes emotional heft into a song that would probably leave me unmoved otherwise.



    Mike Ness covering “I fought the law”. Screeching Weasel covering “I think we’re alone now”. Probably my fav too.

    Also, I recently covered a Tommy James and the Shondells hit, myself. “Say I Am(What I Am)”. Butchered it. Faster. Shortened the chorus. Made it obviously about sex, as apposed to two-stepping around the subject when he already said loving, hugging, kissing, the dancing. Ha! Redid the solo toos.


    Reach the Sky’s cover of Britney Spears’ “Sometimes” on the original Punk Goes Pop


    Non-punk band covering a punk song for me:
    Senses Fail covering Institutionalised is absolutely fantastic and way better than the original, even though I don’t like Senses Fail’s own stuff. Their cover is one of my favourite ever punk songs and anyone who hasn’t heard it should totally check it out. Any of you who used to play the Tony Hawk skateboarding games will probably remember it though, it was even on the CD for American Wasteland along with a lot of other cool covers including other non-punk bands doing pretty good renditions of punk-ish songs

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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