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    Looks like there hasn’t been a lot of polite discussion here for awhile, so I’m going to remedy it with impolite discussion.

    Let’s talk about God, religion, and how those concepts relate to punk rock.

    Personally, I’m an atheist and won’t listen to bands with strong religious themes. Just can’t do it.

    What do you guys think? Do you believe in God? Do you like Christian punk? Is there even a single good band that qualifies as Christian punk?


    I like Dogwood. Musically, I’d say they’re pretty punk…on the poppy side, but fast. Lead vocals are probably an acquired taste. Lyrically, they are extremely christian…with a few exceptions, pretty much all their songs reference their religious or moral beliefs.


    I’m with you, Carson. I’m a devout atheist. I’m not militant about it (I’m fine with people having their own beliefs), and I don’t mind some religious imagery or underlying Christian themes (Brian Fallon, for example, is a known Catholic and I love his music. But I cannot stand proselytizing, and can’t listen to anything you’d consider “Christian” music, punk or otherwise.


    Yeah, I share your adherence to non-militancy. Cocky atheists with something to prove are some of the most obnoxious people on earth. In my mind, religion and the imagery associated with it should always be around, it’s a huge part of our culture and I think it’d be a shame to lose that. I personally like when an artist can draw on something biblical to give a theme or something a sense of history, or even grandiloquence. Ezra Kire is good at that, he uses the imagery as a shared language to express something altogether unrelated to religion.

    Mark C

    I was born into a “catholic” family, but I seem to be the one to break the cycle. I was asked at a young age about going to church, and when I announced I felt no reason to do so due to I didn’t believe, suprisingly not a soul in my family bat an eye.

    I’ve always questioned if there is a “god” but so far have come up empty handed. But I have no problem listening to someone go one about religion and their faith both because I welcome any and all opinions even if they directly are opposite of what I believe.

    Hardcore bands like In The Midst Of Lions (RIP) are one of my favorite bands, musically, not lyrically. They’re a christian hardcore band, but much like the people I surround myself with, aren’t complete dicks about it.

    Religion has a time and a place, and everyone has opinions and beliefs. I think organized religion however, is a complete hoax, put in place by someone who had good business sense so that they could just sit back and let the dollars pour in out of 80 year old women who have nothing else BUT God now that they’re on that slow health decline 6 feet into the ground.


    Very interesting discussion. I myself am not religious and will not listen to any “Christian” genre of music. However, I do not mind bands that hint at religion and use religious symbolism. (Such as Flatfooot 56, or MxPx for instance.) I guess it is similar to a republican being opposed to anti-flag. I find it hard to listen to a band whose lyrics is the total opposite of my own beliefs.


    My wife is a Pentecostal lady. People look at us funny when we go out. I don’t agree or understand her faith. But I love her very much. And as her husband I have a obligation to show her respect and not judge her. I don’t know if there is a god or not? I’m not gonna lie. I hope there is? If there is not? And we humans are indeed the only life out in this never ending space? Then that means we could vanish right now? And no one would miss us or know we was even here. Our lives and the lives of everyone on this planet would mean nothing.? I don’t know if I could accept that. But on the other hand? What have humans done to be worthy of a loving creator. We sit down here on this little blue planet. Killing one another. Treating one another like crap. Every bit of technology we come up with? We find a way to kill each other with it. I know this is kinda deep? But what else can we say? It just seems to me if there’s no god and we are truly alone out here? Then why care or even try? Its kinda sad:-(


    I was raised Catholic, and now am nothing. I’m not atheist- I’ve just settled into a contented state of not knowing.

    I don’t like being force-fed anything, even if it’s something I agree with thematically. As long as very religious band members keep the lyrical content only passively religious, or use lyrics as part of an exercise to study and learn, I’m cool with it.


    I was born and raised in a strict christian church. I think Op Ivy said it best, “all I know is that I don’t know nothin!” But, I believe that if there is a god, the world today has completely fucked everything that he/she meant. Especially the american christian church. From what I read about Jesus Christ in the bible he was a fucking punk. As Wingnut Dishwasher Union sings, “lately I’ve been thinking about how I love Jesus. Because Jesus, he was a dirty homeless hippy peace activist. And he said drop out to find god to anybody who would listen”. It seems the current “christian” church is lost in the sauce, and overrun by political ass holes. That’s my take on it anyways.

    As far as christian punk bands, there are quite a few that should not go overlooked. To name some of them: One-21, The Deal, Hanover Saints, Killhands, Stretch Armstrong, The Blackjacks, Ghoti Hook, MxPx, and some others.

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