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    We are conducting research in order to write a comprehensive history of Russian punk rock from the Soviet Union to today. This involves talking about all of the subcultures associated with punk, such as Straight Edge, Veganism, and more… This is not an excuse to cash in on Pussy Riot, although their movement will be factored into the history.

    We have a number of big names willing to do interviews with us, including Tarakany, Leningrad, former members of the Automatic Satisfiers, and Yegor Letov’s widow. Additionally, record labels and distros from the 1990s have contacted me about interviews.
    Below are links to our social media sites. In the interest of punk rock we are keeping the publication and distribution of this work DIY. If you don’t have any social media connections, please E-mail us at

    Additionally, I’m including a link to our kickstarter. I can return the favor any way possible, and we are open for interviews and other modes of publicity – big or small. We’ve already don’t an interview for, if you can read Russian check it out. For those of you who can’t the title reads “the Automatic Satisfiers were more believable than Sid Vicious”

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