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    when i start listening to punk rock i was always try to find compilations to discover new bands, different genres (ska punk, street punk…), and also differents countries. PUNK O RAMA for Epitaph,Give ’em the Boots for HELLCAT and Fat Music for Fat people are the most famous to date…and the others???


    Short Music for Short People is a fun listen. I definitely discovered a lot of bands through that comp. Same goes for the Punk-O-Rama (volumes 6, 7, and 8, anyhow).

    This Is Boston; Not LA taught me that I don’t really like a lot of Boston hardcore. And I have a friend who is always listening to the Killed By Death comps in his car- the audio was always pretty muddy but I could dig some of the stuff that was on those.

    I think one of my favorite comps is the soundtrack to the American Hardcore documentary. It covers a lot of ground as far as classic hardcore is concerned. It works great as both an introduction to the genre for anyone who is just discovering punk and hardcore, and just as a collection of awesome songs.

    Johnny X

    The Punk Bites comps from the 90s were pretty awesome. There was a comp called Punk Sucks on the now defunct Liberation Records that was pretty rad too.


    Fearless records with punk bites comps …it reminds me a European tour strung out with BLOUNT.

    Also, Liberation records Punk sucks comps were very interesting,

    In a different style BEFORE WE WERE PUNK a must listening (cover songs)


    There were two comps titled “Old Scars and Upstarts” on Disaster records that were pretty good. Not all of the songs were worthwhile but there were some awesome tracks on each one. Volume one had some unreleased (at the time) Rancid and Dropkick Murphys songs along with tracks from DGeneration, F-Minus, Electric Frankenstein, One Man Army and a bunch of others. The high point of volume two was “Warriors” by The Distillers, a song that I have yet to see available anywhere else.
    Also the “How To Start A Fight” comp released by Side1Dummy back in 96 was really good.


    Go Kart Records had several good compilations, and the was a magazine I used to see at record shops called “Loud! Fast! Rules!” that had up-and-comings ona compilation in every issue.


    I put out comps on my label Pinhead Records. So far, I’ve put out 8 (the first 2 sucks pretty bad so I don’t really even count those, though) and the 9th one’s coming out on July 30th.

    They’re all free to download on the label’s bandcamp page:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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