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    Not ashamed at all – Lionize. They opened for Less Than Jake the last time I saw them and it was the worst 45 minutes of my life. Jam band bullshit.


    Propagandhi for sure, these days they just sound like a bad metal band (imo)

    Never liked the bouncing souls or the lawrence arms


    AFI – I never saw the appeal, they were a band I wanted to like for some reason but never did.


    Any HWM that isn’t Caution, No Division or A Flight And A Crash. Bad Religion. Not keen on any of the old stuff like The Clash, Sex Pistols etc… and the majority of ska-punk (except LTJ if you can include them in ska-punk?)


    Never liked The Aquabats. Too much of a silly scene haha…


    For sure it’s MILLENCOLIN Listen to them is OK but seeing them live was tasteless, on the other hand listening to a REFUSED album is too weird for me but seeing them live it is a great experience….but they still are two BIG bands today i don’t understand why.

    Normally I prefer to see bands live than listening to a an album (except in a car, and sharing with friends aka at the radio, or at home).


    NOFX. Some of their older stuff is alright, but I don’t think I’ve listened to them in five years.
    For the longest time I couldn’t get into Kid Dynamite AT ALL. That might be changing.
    The Gaslight Anthem. I don’t feel like there’s anything there.


    Hot Water Music, The Menzingers, Propaghandi, Rise Against, new Bad Religion


    Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys.
    Shame on me!


    I’m crying so hard at some of these answers

    But anywhoo, Sex Pistols. And Sublime (spoiler alert: not really ashamed at all)


    All of New York Hardcore, most crust, most anarcho, the casualties, the exploited Oh wait, I’m not ashamed to admit I don’t like them though..

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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