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    Mine is a tie between Rancid and The Bouncing Souls; I got into both of them after I heard “Punk-O-Rama 3.”


    The Ramones. When School Of Rock came out, I bought the soundtrack and would listen to “Bonzo Goes To Bitburg” on repeat for hours.

    Johnny X

    The Offspring after hearing “Come Out And Play” on the radio. I immediately bought the album and loved it. I had no idea it was “punk” or what punk even was at the time.


    Flogging Molly, when I was in 7th grade and Within A Mile Of Home came out. Their acoustic/live album Whiskey On A Sunday was the first album I ever bought.


    Green Day. My mom bought “Dookie” when it came out. I was only 6 in 1994, and I didn’t really know what the songs were about, but I knew that I liked the melodies.


    I guess I could say Green Day. But the Bouncing Souls is definitely the band that pulled me into the entire punk scene. 14 year old me had my life changed by them


    Bad Religion’s “Recipe For Hate” was the first “punk” album that I physically purchased. “Dookie,” “Smash” and “Stranger Than Fiction” came the following year.


    The Misfits back in 1988 or 89, followed quickly by Black Flag and Minor Threat.


    back to the end of the 80”s the french punk scene first Berurier Noir, Mano Negra…then the US skate punk scene with Gang Green, Suicidal Tendencies, Bones Brigade, JFA, …finally in fall 1992 a friend from a friend introduced me with GENERATOR Bad Religion, WHITE TRASH NoFX, and a few months after i was in many clubs to see what i was listening now LIVE such as DI, Buzzcocks,… and july 1993 after a few months starting my zine i was in front of Jay Bentley, Greg Graffin and Mr Brett (with blue hairs) talking about the scene, Epitaph and a new band called ex Operation Ivy RANCID…the rest it’s hundred and hundred shows, interviews, sharing, travel….


    I got into a slew of bands when I first heard about punk rock. Some good, some bad. Bowling for Soup and Green Day first introduced me to the notion of punk, and from there I got into Anti-Flag, Bad Religion, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, and NOFX.


    I think 3 sold me on the genre, Green Day (Dookie), Pennywise (Straight Ahead), and Less Than Jake (Hello Rockview) in the mid-to-late 90s. LTJ was my favorite at the time.

    Lauren Mills

    Probably Green Day, who used to be one of my favorite bands until they jumped the shark tank. My cousin also gave my older probably a mix cd with Lagwagon on it. My brother went out and bought “Blaze” and passed it down to me.

    Johnny X

    Rancid’s “Salvation” actually had a video that got played on MTV. Again, I still didn’t know what “punk” was but I liked the song enough to buy the album “Let’s Go” and I freaking loved it. A little while later I saw a video for Bad Religion’s “21st Century Digital Boy” and loved that so I bought “Stranger Than Fiction”. When I saw the comp “Punk O Rama” at my local record store that featured Offspring, Bad Religion and Rancid (3 bands I knew I liked) I picked it up and promptly bought the most recent album from every single band on there (NOFX, Ten Foot Pole, Gas Huffer, Pennywise, etc). That’s when I discovered that “punk” was a genre and following label’s like Epitaph and Fat was a good way to find new albums (this was before the internet – I’m old!). The rest is history.

    Chris Ramone

    The first punk band I got into has to be either Green Day or The Offspring when they dropped Dookie and Smash respectively in 1994, I was only 5 at the time. They were both the first albums I got on CD. Although I was eventually familiar with bands like The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Clash, Black Flag, Bad Religion, Circle Jerks, Social Distortion, Rancid, NOFX, Pennywise, etc. it took a while for me (like age 12 or 13) to get into punk music more often.


    You were only five when Dookie came out? Excuse me while I go check into the home.

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