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    Circle Jerks- Wild in the Streets LP. I was barley a teen, one of the older cats that would hit up skate spots around town hooked me up and kind of took me under his wing.


    While it technically started with Green Day, I would have to say NOFX, especially “She’s Nubs”. I didn’t know that such a song could actually exist.


    Liza: I wasn’t even born yet when Dookie came out.

    Rainkicker: I wish I could say NOFX, but honestly I didn’t start listening to them until years after I got into punk.


    Drea: It was suggested from a friend in orchestra, along with some other bands. At the local music store, in rural Alabama, there was not much of a selection. With the current politics and my distaste for the administration, seeing an album with Bush in clown make up was right up my alley. As for The Ramones, I love the band, even though I crashed my vehicle into a gas main with “I’m Against It” playing.


    Anti-Flag. I was a pissed off teenager without anyone else to get angry with. I was shocked to find music as angry about the world as I was, and it led me into punk.


    Definitely Rancid. They were the first.

    Minor Threat

    Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, and of corse Minor Threat.


    Green Day dragged me in. From there it was Rancids Lets Go, & The Casualties – Die Hards. Those two albums changed evvvvverything for me. AFI was great too pre Sing The Sorrow.


    Dude Ranch by Blink. That today is still one of my favorite records. From there came Pennywise, and NOFX.


    The first band I ever really got in to was Nirvana in elementary and junior high school. That led me to …And Out Come The Wolves and Operation Ivy and local shows which were ska heavy and a lot of the older Hopeless records bands. But I would definitely give credit to Operation Ivy as the first band I scoured over lyric sheets and really made me think about the world around me as a young person.


    I got a copy of TSOL – Change Today from my older brother. That was it for me…..after that, it was 7 seconds, Youth Brigade, BR, Dag Nasty and a slew of stuff since


    cockney rejects/ anti-flag.. dont listen to either anymore :/


    I listened Smash ( The Offspring) and Dookie ( Green Day) back in 1994, 95 but I really jump into punk rock with White Trash… ( NOFX) , Rev ( 10 Foot Pole ) , Voodo Glow Skuls ( Firme).


    Probably when I lived in my uncle’s bedroom at my grandmother’s house. He used to play ‘Dookie’ over and over again every day, so Green Day was the first punk band I was exposed to. This was back when I was a toddler.


    Heard the Offspring on the radio around the same time as I saw blink 182 on TV and my cousin introduced me to Green Day. Punk-o-rama followed. I got into a lot of angsty metal/hardcore/crust for a while. Then p-rock tv (if anyone in Britain/Ireland remembers that) came along and that brought me back to punk

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 39 total)
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