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    I can’t believe none of you have mentioned rise against. There is nothing special about them, at all. I admit, their fist albums were fucking amazing as shit but after that they just started sucking. Another overrated band in my opinion is Exploited. I can’t explain why, but I just don’t see them as anything really amazing even back then, But then again, I wasn’t born in that era. however, unlike rise against, I like their newer stuff just as much as the old shit. Oh well.


    I can’t believe no one has even mentioned Green Day. To me over rated is in cahoots with the term sell-outs. And I don’t mean sell-out by radio terms because that is just a band being successful. I deem sell-out being just the way the music is produced and played. You can just tell.


    I’ve never called Green Day or any other pop/ rock band a punk band, so I’m not including them. I don’t think this band has been mentioned yet but for me the most over-rated punkish band is Rancid. They’re ok sometimes but not the big deal they used to be considered as. Green Day has been one of the most over-rated bands of this current decade though.
    I don’t agree with Rise Against being here though, they’re my favourite band and I love their newest stuff even more than their old.
    Also never been a fan of The Ramones, but also never got why they’ve been considered punk either. To me they’re more just rock.


    I think the biggest thing overrated about Rancid is Tim Armstrong. I don’t mid their bass player though.

    I gotta put my vote in for both the Dead Kennedys and Dropkick Murphies. I’m tired of hearig how great they are. They’re good, but wow. I just hear to much of them from my friends Not worth the hype.

    Dave De Niro

    I don’t understand how Tim Armstrong can be the over-rated part of Rancid, he is the key song writer of the band, and a very successful musician in general, like what he does or not. The dude is just a fan of music. Likewise with Green Day, you can’t call them over-rated because no one really gives a shit about them. NoFX is my favorite band, but I can see why some people might think they are over-rated I guess, but their live show is just unreal.. so nah.

    My personal choice is Pennywise. I’ve seen them twice, I don’t even dislike them really, but they just never do anything for me. They have a couple of okay records, but everything else just seems by the numbers. They are a staple, but just a safe one… so I guess I could call them the most over-rated in my books. Bands that do weird stuff, or even terrible songs tend to be interesting at the very least.


    As much as I used to LOVE them Pennywise is weak. Super flat vox, mediocre at best drumming and repetitive songwriting after Unknown Road.


    I’ll agree on PW. 85% of their discography sounds exactly same… I don’t HATE them but they aren’t in my top 5 favorite bands of all time. About Time is a phenomenal record, though.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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