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    what about “punk culture” and movies….

    Lauren Mills

    SLC Punk


    What We Do Is Secret.

    Whatshisface may have been a terrible decision as an actual replacement for Darby in real life (and the Germs were dumb for thinking it was a good idea to reform anyway), but he did a damn fine job performing as Darby in the movie.

    The Decline of Western Civilization and American Hardcore are also both nice documentaries on the scene that I was unfortunately too young to witness first-hand.


    I personally love “The Other F Word.” SLC Punk has its charms, but it definitely speaks of a different era of punk, and perhaps I’m just tired of seeing it on every 16 year old rebel’s Facebook page. I enjoyed the performances in “What We Do Is Secret” but feel like the film’s direction was fatally flawed.


    I can understand that about What We Do Is Secret. I haven’t seen it in a few years, so admittedly my memory of it is a bit hazy. But it came out while I was going through a pretty big classic punk phase, which is why I remember it fondly.

    And I’m hoping that your choice of words wasn’t a just a coincidence, given the film’s emphasis on Darby’s passing.


    No, I’m afraid I can’t cash in on that delicious pun. Not intentional at all. And just to be clear, I don’t really have that much venom for the movie, the things it did well, it did really well. You won’t get shit from me for liking it.

    I’m kind of looking forward to Matthew Lillard’s directorial debut, “Fat Kid Rules the World,” which is supposed to heavily involve punk rock. Looks kind of interesting.


    “Another State of Mind” is probably my favorite punk movie or documentary. “Decline of West. Civil.” is up there too.


    Fat Kid Rules The World was an amazing book. Changed my 12 year old life


    the other f word

    Johnny X

    The Other F Word was good. It could have also been called “Why Jim Left Pennywise”. Seems a little silly now considering Jim’s back.


    I agree about the Other F Word, but Jim’s constant bitching just bored me by the end.


    I haven’t seen it in a really long time, but when it came out I loved Dudes


    Rock N Roll High School will always be a favorite. What is better than a movie that doesn’t make sense and The Ramones?


    in no particular order, i recomend the following.

    The Year Punk Broke: Nirvana, Sonic Youth, The Ramones. Dinosaur Jr. Captured by professional ameteurist Dave Markey at just the right moment – Smells Like Teen Spirir was about to change everything for anyone who happened play guitar for a living, but it hadn’t really sunk in yet.

    Romper Stomper: Word of warning – the movie revolves around a group of australian racist scensters, and even though the Nazis are technically the bad guys and lose in the end, their life is very much glorified. However, these guys embody the gutter punk lifestyle. There is a great party scene. And the soundtrack gives you a taste of some energetic and authentic oi-style hate rock of the era. Also, no matter how racist they are, tying some rich asshole that abuses his daughter to a chair so you can trash his house and ruin his life before his eyes is pretty punk rock. i’m not a nazi – i’m actually hard left – but this is a good movie despite its glorification of something bad.

    Jack Ass The Movie and it’s sequel: in some ways its soft porn for gay boys in denial – guys just being guys, horsing around in their tighty wighties, getting naked in front of each other, putting things in each other’s buts, and constantly smacking each other in the balls. I think that the way the Jack Ass movies candidly portray one type of dude life, without addressing the whole “isn’t that gay” question is refreshing – I mean, straight girls get to dance on the line with other girls openly and it doesn’t make them per se gay – most people don’t give a shit. The guys in Jack Ass exhibit sexual confidence in being able to fool around and even more sexual confidence because they’re not even going to humor questions to their sexuality. Pretty damn punk. And they also play gags on the public. Punk, again. And these guys know how to skateboard. Punk. And the Jack Ass theme is a Minuitemen classic. Punk. And the soundracks rule. And Andrew W.K.’s “We Want Fun” video – which is basically an advertisement for Jack Ass II – is a party scene done right. Punk punk punk.

    One thing that’s not punk is the crass animal exploitation.

    The Runaways: Nothing quite as punk as girls learning to flex some sexual muscle and have the same kind of fun the bad boys do. This movie will have your foot stomping from start to finish.

    Juno: Again, girl power is punk – and a pregnant teenager standing up to a judgmental world looking to control and exploit her is girl power to the extreme. also, the foil is a punker turned sell out. kimya dawson is about as punk as folk gets, or vice versa, and she owns the soundtrack – which captures the movie’s “you can Do It Yourself” spirit.

    Natural Born Killers: any movie that makes Bob Dole have a shit fit has to be punk. The movie is jarringly trippy. It’s a critique of American mass media culture, and patriarchy as a whole. The bad guys are the good guys, the criminal element is celebrated, the consequences of social alienation and subjegation are explored, common notions of right and wrong are challenged, and the parasite news media is bared for what it really is and played like a joke. Julliet Lewis’ character is very girl power – going so far to enjoy unreciprocated cunnilingus to prove that girls can do whatever boys can do, and kills the schlep for being too eager. Rodney Dangerfield’s scene where he plays an abusive dad in the style of a sit com – and gets his just deserts – is as simultaneously playful and poignent as a classic Dead Kennedys track. DK isn’t on the soundtrack, but this is the movie that made L7’s Shitlist a classic.


    SLC Punk and What We Do Is Secret are good punk movies. As for documentaries, I’ll go with Another State of Mind and The Decline of Western Civilization. And for concert films I’m gonna say Give ’em the boot (the Hellcat dvd), Frank Turner’s Road to Wembley and the Social Distortion dvd are my top picks.

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