Album Review: Forus – “Aaron’s Revolution”

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As a famous poet once said, “Music is the universal language of mankind.” Forus‘ EP “Aaron’s Revolution” will give you an example of such poetry. In my opinion, the French skate punk scene is one of the most thriving scenes in punk rock today. From Uncommonmenfrommars, to Straightaway, to Straighten Things Out, to OC Toons it’s all rockin’ and not stoppin’ – proving that France is becoming a huge contributor of the European punk rock scene.

Well the time has finally come for Forus to hit it big time with their highly anticipated EP. After a lot of hard work, the guys have come up with a tight/fast/tech sounding release that any true punk fan will appreciate. Enjoy the touch of metal in the music with the always good sounding blast beats. “Aaron’s Revolution” comes packed with 6 tracks of fast mind-boggling tunes. For starters, production wise, you can’t go wrong with Christian Carvin at the helm; enough said.

“The Link” (instrumental) starts off the EP with guess what, speed – that’s right, and it gets accompanied with tempo changes and progressiveness all together. It’s like a punch in the face but much worse! I really do get reminded of Slovenia’s Low Value with this starter track. Pay special attention to the guitar work and again, tempo changes. “Every Second is an Hour” follows suit and you can hear Michel’s European style vocals which bring the melodic element in abundance. Again, you hear the tempo changes and the sheer originality. What brilliance, just like Slick Shoes – Far From Nowhere. You will surely get to like certain guitar riffs throughout the EP and even though some might not last as long, Forus will continue to sail through and they’ll come up with an even better following sequence guaranteed. Next we have “Aaron” in which the guitar-monies are of the same quality as “The Link”. It’s just a good ride till the end of that run, enjoy. “Welcome to the United Cigar” continues the Forus trend as they seem to be able to go from slow to fast transitions as good as any band I know. Any music lovers/bands know that it is a tough process when it comes to making the track flow well. Next, my personal favorite of the EP, “Watch Me Fall”, delivers Michel’s best vocal patterns and it shows off his true potential on the mike. A strong chorus line from his part proves my point as well. As with most releases today, a track with a more intended bass line is heard throughout and the song delivers. In the end we have “Lifelong Sofa Ride” which has little guitar stop/go’s at the intro, ala Beerbong, which are small but still add a special touch to the track. On many albums bands tend to finish off with an acoustic track, a cover song, or even a different style but Forus just keep on rolling and ride the wave to the end.

With every track less then 3 minutes long (except “Watch Me Fall” at a bit more time) Forus have delivered a straight up punk rock release served to us right on a plate. The amount of work that this band has put into marketing, myspace, recordings, shows is something that should be commented. As far as dedication you can not get any better and as far as music, the same.

May the Forus be with you.

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