Fun Fact Friday: The Foo Fighters connection with Punk Rock

Every Friday the punk rock geniuses here at Dying Scene unleash some punk rock trivia. Today’s “fun factoid” is about famed grunge rockers Foo Fighters and their unlikely “punk” connection.

When you all think of Dave Grohl, you probably recognize him as the former drummer of the legendary grunge act Nirvana and as the current vocalist / guitarist / song-writer of hard rock heavy hitters Foo Fighters. There’s a huge punk rock connection with several members of the Foo Fighters, however, that you may not be aware of. Dave wears his punk rock roots on his sleeves as stated in numerous interviews. He used to play in a D.C. based hardcore punk band called Scream, which put out albums on Ian MacKaye’s of Minor Threat‘s  label Discord Records.  Franz Stahl, the guitarist for Scream was briefly a member of the Foo Fighters and performed on the album “The Colour and the Shape.” Foo Fighters guitar player, Chris Shiflett, used to be in No Use For A Name and Foo Fighters other guitar player, Pat Smear, played in legendary L.A. punk act The Germs.

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  • Chris also is an official member of me first and the gimme gimmes. Dave Grohl also drummed on a killing joke record. Also Nate the bass player played in sunny day real estate, who arent really punk but more so emo. But emo before it got watered down and lame.

    • Adding on to that, short time drummer, William Goldsmith, was also formerly of Sunny Day Real Estate as well, but he didn’t stick around for very long (and Grohl re-recorded most of his drum tracks).

  • Foos also covered the Angry Samoans “Gas Chamber” .

    • As well as Hüsker Dü’s “Never Talking to You Again,” Jawbreaker’s “Kiss the Bottle” and “Danny Says” by the Ramones. Admittedly, not all of those are as quite as “punk” as other songs by each band but the connections are all still there.

  • I know I’m being nit-picky, but Franz Stahl played on There Is Nothing Left to Lose while it was Pat Smear who handled axe duties (alongside Grohl) on The Colour and the Shape.

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