Fun Factoid Friday: A fictional band covering a Reagan Youth song and other punk-related stuff in the movie “Airheads”

Every Friday the punk rock geniuses here at Dying Scene unleash some punk rock trivia. Today’s “fun factoid” is about a movie starring three guys who break into a radio station just to get their music played on the air.

Ever seen the movie “Airheads“? I have! It stars Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler who are in a band called “The Lone Rangers” (pictured on the left) who take a radio station hostage, just so that their song would get played on the radio. Their song is actually a cover of Reagan Youth‘s “Degenerated”. Even though it’s actually a song cover, Chazz (who Brendan Fraser plays) claims he wrote it before he met his girlfriend. If you’ve never seen this movie, you have to, it’s very funny. The coolest thing about the movie is that it actually features some punk-related stuff. In one scene, one of the CDs that Steve Buscemi’s character is holding is NOFX‘s 1992 album White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean. In another scene, where Chazz drags one of the DJs out of his office, you can see a poster similar to the cover of The Offspring album Smash, which was released about 4 months before Airheads arrived in theaters. The movie also features some appearances by Lemmy (from Motörhead), Kurt Loder (from MTV), John Melendez (from The Howard Stern Show), the metal band Galactic Cowboys (who call themselves The Sons of Thunder in the movie), Rob Zombie and his band mates from White Zombie and more.

You can click here to check out both versions of “Degenerated”.

“Degenerated” (Reagan Youth’s version):


“Degenerated” (The Lone Rangers’ version):


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  • This actually is a REALLY funny movie. I noticed that the nofx album was on the top of that pile when he held it up and laughed. I didn’t notice the offspring poster though. I’ll watch it again, lol.

    • Yup. If you see Brendan Fraser’s character drags one of the DJs out of the radio station’s office you’ll see a poster that’s somewhat similar to the cover of The Offspring’s Smash.

  • Pretty kickin’ rad Ramones song on the out credits. On the opening there is some ancient CD player boombox that my brother used to have, upon which I played the first CD I ever listened to, and learned that Pink Floyd fucking sucks.

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