Fun Factoid Friday: …And Out Come The Cool Cover Art

Every Friday the punk rock geniuses here at Dying Scene are going to unleash a little bit of punk scene trivia all over your asses. Today’s “fun factoid” is about the inspiration behind one of the cover art and album name of one of punk rock’s most famed albums; Rancid‘s “…And Out Come The Wolves”.

The album name “…And Out Come The Wolves” is a line taken from a poem by poet/artist/musician Jim Carroll in his autobiography “The Basketball Diaries”.  At the time Rancid was getting ready to put out the album a bidding war between major record labels inspired the band to choose the line as the album name.  The cover art for the album also comes as a tribute to another fellow artist.  This time to the band Minor Threat who used a similar image of lead singer Ian MacKaye’s brother as the cover art for their self-titled EP.

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  • I’m fairly sure that is Alec MacKaye on the cover of the Minor Threat record.

  • That’s cool. I’ve always loved the cover art for this album.

  • Kind of a shame that you’d gut somebody’s article, and just steal the trivia. The TMZ of punk rock . . .

    • Hey Mike, sorry we didn’t publish your Rancid review but you have to write more than “It’s a great album to work out too.” An album review should go a little bit deeper into what makes the album good or bad. How it sounds compared to the band’s earlier releases or compared to other bands where influences are drawn from. You did throw in the tidbit about the cover art being a tribute to Minor Threat, which was cool, and I’ll give you full credit for the inspiration to this fun factoid post. However, again I must emphasize, that for us to publish an album review you actually have to talk about the music. I’m sorry you are so offended by us not publishing your review submission but as I mentioned in my email to you, if in depth album review writing is not your thing, we would gladly publish shorter trivia type posts for you.

  • Never said I was offended. Just a cheesy move pick the bones of the review, and then not credit me.

    You knew my writing style, I have years worth of stuff on Strange Reaction (, so you knew what to expect. I don’t do the type of Us Weekly puff pieces produced here.

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