Fun Factoid Friday: Sublime with Rome and the song they just won’t play

SMOKEOUT25Mpma.jpgEvery Friday the punk rock geniuses here at Dying Scene are going to unleash a little bit of punk scene trivia all over your asses.  Today’s “fun factoid” is about Sublime with Rome (Sublime v.2.0) and a song which they refuse to play:

It’s been 14 years since Sublime‘s singer Bradley Nowell died of a Heroine overdose.  After Nowell’s death, the remaining members disbanded until about a year ago when they added a new singer (Rome Ramirez) to fill the rather large shoes of Nowell.  With Ramirez on the mic, the band began playing again under their former name Sublime until the Nowell family sued them for use of the moniker and a judge officially banned them from using it.  Now they’re performing under the name “Sublime With Rome”, and while the band does have the right to play any of the original Sublime songs, there is one song that Rome feels is off limits out of respect for Brad. The song Caress Me Down contains the lyrics “Mucho gusto, me llamo Bradley”, which all you German speakers out there know means “Nice to meet you, my name is Bradley.”  Rome says that he doesn’t feel comfortable saying his name is Bradley and definitely doesn’t feel comfortable changing the lyrics to a song Nowell wrote so for those of you that were hoping to hear the hit sung live once more there’s only one thing to say to console yourselves: Respect!

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  • thats pretty cool hes got respect for brad. he’s got huge fucking shoes to fill

  • Some of Brad’s other songs are far more off-limits to a reformed Sublime, in my opinion. As an example, “Poolshark” is about Brad’s struggle with heroin, which Rome has no business representing. While I love that they’re carrying on the band and respecting Bradley like this, I think it would be a huge disservice to him for “Caress Me Down” to not be performed simply because it has his name in it yet leave some of his other very personal music open to re-interpretation.

  • But he did sing it!He totally did!Played it the other night on the radio.

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