Fun Factoid Friday: The inspiration behind the Trashed Idols song “Curtains”

trashed-idols1Every Friday the punk rock geniuses here at Dying Scene are going to unleash a little bit of punk scene trivia all over your asses.  Today’s “fun factoid” is about the the inspiration behind the Trashed Idols song Curtains:

Have you ever wondered where bands get the inspiration for some songs? In a recent conversation with Time Again and ex-Trashed Idols guitarist Kris Idol, Kris shared some “behind-the-music” info on one of their popular songs Curtains.

“The song is literally written about a curtain that was put up between the kitchen and the living area. We all lived in different units inside the Alexa Artiste apartment building in Hollywood, and Daniel Dart (Time Again fame) and everyone else would hang out at my place. Since I hated smoking inside, living on the 4th floor the curtain blocking off the rest of the studio and the kitchen and the window opened up helped a little bit.”

When you listen to the song and you hear the verse “Me and Kris, sitting in the kitchen…”, now you know what they were doing. “We were just sitting there talking about writing songs and Daniel said  ‘I just look at an object and make a song out of it.'”

So there you have it! Check out Trashed Idols Dying Scene page and check out the Alexa Artiste EP, available here via  Drop-Out Records.

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